Spudgunner's Clone Grow

Damn, am I that easy to read? When I restart my grow after the September break, I’m thinking of going Dutch Bucket system, 4 buckets in the 4x4. Then I wouldn’t be able to squeak any more in there. Of course, I’d be likely to expand the dungeon area! Still lots of room down there, boxes are free!

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Nice work. I also enjoy watching your thread. One question? What happened to your Lego elves? I miss the old “scenes”.


Haha! Thanks @noddykitty1 they were fun to do!

They went back into the Lego box in the dungeon. Son moved back home with his gf, and all their apartment stuff is now blocking his childhood toys! Would take a miracle to get back there now…I told him to keep it neat and organized so you can get at stuff, make rows of stuff. Oh no, pile it all in there and now can’t get at anything! We have a hard job getting to OUR storage area because of his mess!

I’ll see if I can get back there one day. Plants are just starting to hedgehog, maybe I can come up with another storyline, but my creative brain has been on hiatus since retirement! :crazy_face:


I joined Lions (local & international organizations, for serving).
Then I found this forum. Guess where I want to spend my time.
Got a new beauty (pictured).

red stripe tie on base of plant. Plastic jug piece supports stalk from touching ground. Stalk growing and going sideways. 5 gal dirt bag with spill prevention “collar:”
@Spudgunner “Hedgehog”? new to me

We need coffee just to sit and enjoy retirement.


Hedgehog, little button-sized budettes…like your 2nd pic has.

Yep, I joined this forum before retirement, this is where I spend a majority of my free time! At least until weather gets better! And I have to take grandson to doc’s appt with daughter in an hour, already had my 4-cup quota!

Coffee, fluid of life! Coffee, morning drug of choice!


When you visit Port T, I will buy you coffee, before you hop the ferry…

Lavazza is our current favorite.

Try it, you’ll like it.

Mikey Does.


@DEEPDIVERDAVE when we were in Rome, they had a Lavazza machine outside our room and left numerous pods for us. Espresso and cappuccino every day!

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Awesome, Ciao!

PNW weather humidity proceeds, precludes, or prevents my watering the for a day or three. .
COOLer temps, Higher Humids, but we all, survived the KING TIDE.
Time to buy a Powerball Ticket!


Those clones look awesome,I tried Clonex and the dry powder rooting hormone,I believe I’ll just try water for once,maybe Clonex into water, no soil until I see some roots,man,yours are beautiful to look at!!


My first 3 1/2 yrs of growing was from a cutting. 6 harvests 3-4 plants a harvest 1978-82, Thai from a Thai stick, also the only plant I successfully reveged. Good times. :crazy_face:


@GrnyGrows I’ve been well, as you can see! We did our trip to Rome this past November, and I became Grandpa Spud on New Year’s Day!


Good way to start the New Year.


Dude – Gpa Spud. Congrats. Nothing better than grands and great grands.


Yep, got that right! Grayson is my first!

They are only about 5 miles away, easy drive. Dad’s working, so is grandma, so I get to take her to her appointments. She comes up couple times a week too for a break, have a shower, whatever, so I get to see him lots :baby: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!


I like it, got some on a clearance sale here not long ago. It’s more $$ than the others here so that was the only time. Watching the 50%-off rack for good deals

So I finally remembered to take my phone out to the garage for my evening session.

I flipped these 3 weeks ago, hoping they’ve done the stretch. Sure looking pretty in there now!

Front Right Death Bubba, Basil,

Front Left

Back Left

Back Right

Dutch Treat in the middle

Lots of nice looking bud sights starting to form!

And happy to report that most of that WPM was beaten back, if I’m up tomorrow before lights out I’ll go give them another spray. At least I can get in there now!

So down to the cellar dwellers…Dutch Treat clones (5) form the “X” of the pattern, and 4 Death Bubba clones are middle of outside rows.

These are about 10" tall now, they grow up so fast!

These Death Bubbas have huge leaves with a hint of purple in them. Just beautiful, imho.

Sure can tell the difference in the leaves on these. The Dutch Treat are much smaller and thinner.

And that’s it for this Saturday!


The mothers are lookin’ like Hedgehog City.

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I love how the leaves are praying in the tent you got it dialed in for sure! :sunglasses:

@Darodguy It is growing on in there for sure! All the Death Bubba’s have hedgehogs the size of a quarter, while that Dutch Treat has more dime-sized ones.

Thanks @spankyjr1! All I do is feed them and give them all the light they can handle! I don’t chase the numbers, I’m a real lazy grower. Hell, just got up and put the coffee on! Missed lights-out at 9am, so didn’t spray them to finish off the WPM, might be Tuesday when the wife goes to work and I have to get up early then (she’s off tomorrow, and we have a cold spell here so it may be another why-get-up-early morning!).

I have to water them daily now, about a quart each. The ones in the cardboard home get watered every 2 or 3 days, but I have to keep them in 1 gallon pots so that will increase too. I’ll probably take some more cuttings off of those end of February and then flip that area, and once the tent girls are finished, move 4 of them upstairs.


@Spudgunner I love it when a plan comes together.

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