Spudgunner's Clone Grow

Your good in my reading.


Thanks @DEEPDIVERDAVE , but the wife’s definition of “good” differs greatly from yours, at least regarding me! Altho we just came back from one of her bucket-list trips (11 nights in Rome), and I did manage to find a Royal Doulton figurine she’s been looking for years for, so she’s getting a nice surprise for Christmas! I just need to clean up the “office” and the garage a bit more, score a few more brownie points before I ask permission.
If she says NO, these will hit the flower tent as soon as they hit the roof of the clone dome. Either that, or I put them under the seat of my truck and drive to Lynden with them for either you or @noddykitty1. That might be tough tho if they’re about 10" tall by then.


As much as I love you and your support, I could not participate crossing the border.
Wouldn’t want to be responsible for destroying anothers grow, either.
Retirement is dependent upon NO LEGAL ISSUE. Seeds and coffee with friends would be awesome, but no clone exchanging across border. My license allows seedling transport (bought clones in March).NK1 would be welcome too, thats why I did the seed deed this summer. I too, can’t give them away fast enough, when they love growing for me.


Update time! Bought some Epson Salt yesterday, thot I’d give them a shot this morning with some diluted nutes after a bit of training. Only 1 little mishap (ok, may be a bigger mishap, we’ll see :face_holding_back_tears:), I snapped a main branch when I was spinning the pot back into place. A bit of honey and duct tape fixes all, right?

Anyways, here’s today’s group shot after training and feeding. Yeah, got water on the leaves, hard to get under them and hand water, but light went out 5 minutes after shot, no worries.

Front Right, Basil got a good 3" pulldown today to keep things a bit more even and spread out.

Front Left looks a lot better after cleaning up her case of WPM and cleaning out all the little useless shoots around her stem.

Back Left…ouch! Had her nicely tied down, and as I spun her around, her main branch caught on the Front Left plant and did not bend…Snap! You can see the duct tape on her right side near the closed air vent. Her branch where she snapped is pretty green and soft, so hoping she will seal herself up and recover. If she looks like crap tonite, I may snip that off and put it in a jar of water to root out, but I’m hoping for a recovery!

Front right is getting her spread on! No issues with her!

And taking center stage, the Dutch Treat. This was the one I really needed to thin out last week. Her branches grew enuff that I could widen her out, and now you can actually see her main stalk! A first since she’s be transplanted it seems like!

So don’t freak out by the white splotchies on the leaves. It’s not mold or mildew, just residue from the milk/water foliar spray I used to kill the WPM last week.

Upstairs in the CloneDome, things are still looking good! I turned off the heating pad, thot it was going to start steaming my cuttings, and the light has been on 24 hours/day so it’s not cold.

The 4 corners, square pots, are cuttings from Front Left Death Bubba, all the center stage round pots are Dutch Treat cuttings. I’m terrible at labelling, so this is the way I differentiate plants. Altho I screwed it up on my last batch of Dutch Treat and 9 Pound Hammers, but they were easy to identify once they took off. Had totally different leaves and plant shape.

Might have to buy 10 1-gallon pots, either to put them in the tent when it comes time to flip it, or, if I’m a good boy this Christmas, maybe wifey will let me hang my other light in a closet and I’ll put these on a plastic boot tray so I don’t mess up the carpet!

Anyways, hope you all enjoy this! I know I am! And will, once it’s all done!


I love it when a plan comes together ! :heart:


Yeah, but snapping that main wasn’t in the plan tho!
See over the next day or so if it heals or not


So here’s how this look this morning after yesterday’s training session. I’m having to spread the pots out, they are starting to fill the space nicely! Don’t think I need to do much more LST on them, time to let them grow up and show me wat they can do!

This shot shows that they are only about 6" to 8" high at this point, even tho they are 18" wide or so. I have a lot of vertical height left for them to grow up another foot before the flip, if they will do that in the next 3 weeks. The bamboo bracing is there to prevent suckage on the tent (negative pressure) from reducing my 4’x4’ to a 40"x40" tent!

This is the Back Left plant I snapped the main branch on. Can you tell where the snap happened? It was swinging in the wind after I did it, barely attached, only a few fibers holding it together.

Arrow shows where the duct tape is, circled part is the branch top that snapped. Broke it about 6" down from the top, several nodes might need to be scrapped, but so far she is hanging in. Hasn’t wilted, still seems a bit perky, altho not as perky as the branch next to her. Recovery is a bitch sometimes, but hoping it WILL be a recovery!

I watered and fed them yesterday morning, the pots already seem mostly dry. I found a strain description for my Death Bubba, and it said that this strain drinks more than most. Which makes sense, my last harvest of this strain I was watering them almost daily, like every day and a half. Thot I was overwatering but the soil was getting dry.

And I found that pacificseedbank has both feminized and autoflower Death Bubba seeds for sale! Altho they list it as 22%, other sites list it up to 27%. So if anyone is interested in growing this strain, here’s where you can get seeds. I love this dank strain! Might get the autos for next summer’s outdoor grow!


Pacific Seedbank is a “you get what you get” kinda seed bank. I haven’t yet identified a breeder on their breeder list that is authentic. Maybe they’re just fine. I prefer banks with a good reputation even if it means a little more $

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@Graysin thanks for that tidbit…I don’t even know if they ship to Canada even, sent them an email, hope they response tomorrow.
Yeah, the original DB was created by Sea to Sky Cannabis, bred by Matteo Suleyman. I’ve heard it’s clone-only, never seen seeds for sale before, so to find autoflower seeds at PSB, you could be right. Maybe they just create a nice Bubba cross and slap the DB name on it.
Damn, hard to get good seeds up here! The Seed Fair is the only place I’ve found that is local and I’ve had 1 order from them with good results (got my Bruce Banner autos and my Dutch Treat and 9 Lb Hammer fem seeds from them). I need to find some good auto seeds for the outdoor summer run, can’t take the chance on doing photos outside and have them finish in August, won’t happen up here!

Oh, good news is the snapped plant seems to have recovered! No wilting on her top that snapped almost clean off, duct tape truly does fix anything and everything! I should let Red Green know of another use for it!

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That’s good news. Now you are officially a grafter. Now you can help me with my grafting of peach and apple trees for the pta plant sale.

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Canuk seeds have been great for me. They have hit and miss reviews largely because their “package protection” only covers one reshipment and their customer service is slower than my dead grandmother. But the genetics themselves have been outstanding. The PBB crosses I have going used their seed to start for breeding.


…that doesn’t ship to Canada either…at least Canuk Seeds ARE a Canadian company, and they do ship sell locally (not like Toronto is local to me, thankfully!).

I’ll check the out, see if there’s something I really want to try. Thanks @Graysin


Well, today was a major defoliation day! And pretty major at that! Sort of had to look at them and go “Do I need 100 buds per plant? Nope!”. So I called my buddy Edward Scissorhands and we went to town!

Here’s a before group shot…these are at about 7 weeks from entering the tent.

Front Right (Basil) before trim

And after trim

Front Left before

And after trim

Rear Left before…you can barely see the silver duct tape on the right-most branch.

And after trim

Rear Right before

And after trim

Dutch Treat from the center before

And after

Huge pile of leaves and branches. I could have made 20 or so clones from all the branches I trimmed, but the 10 I took last week or so ago all rooted! Still don’t know what to do with those yet! Try and find room in the tent until after Christmas, see if the wife lets me wire a plug in our 5’ crawlspace for my old light, set up a veg area down there… Could make it with cardboard boxes, not worried about light leaks or smell, just need 4 (painted) white walls and a small fan!

Here is one of the last funky leaves off of Basil, the front right Death Bubba. One big fat middle finger and 2 little ones!

And here’s everybody back in their respective places! At least now I can get in there to water them! Was having a hard job pouring from my scoop into the pots. Now I can just water over the stem in the middle, no more leaves there to burn!

And a final shot from the side. Low, wide, and spread open, and now with improved air flow to the base. Yeah, I can still see a bit of WPM here and there, I’ll give that a spray of ammonia and water in a day or 2. These plants don’t seem to get too badly affected by it, but I should kill it before I flip to flower in a week or so.

Too Brutal? Crazy? Thots and opinions welcome!


@Spudgunner Looks like you have it under control. I am so glad you got your DB back. I know what it is like to lose a great strain. I grew Thai for 6 harvests before losing that special cultivar. I don’t know that it even exists anymore in that genetic makeup. Best holiday wishes to you and yours.


@Darodguy thanks man! I felt bad about cutting 20 or so branches of the Dutch Treat alone, but she really needed it. And that’s after a dozen taken 2 weeks ago, all 10 of my cuttings took root! Gotta go take pics, maybe move them to the tent for now.
All the best to you and yours!


Hey, they came back; they knew what they were in for. LOL

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Replacement or first use of epsom salts?
I been using almost a teaspoon, per gallon of water or feed.

White Tie going left is in the LST clip.
Lady is a re-veger with bushes coming out of new growth.
Love the TRI-spread. trimmed flower from crown before re-veging.
Trimmed tops created bushing. I trimmed some today, thinning high and low crown for light penetration.
All looking good, so far. Back to 12/12 in this heat wave.


Epsom salts, first use. This is the first grow I’ve added silica to my plants, too. Got a deal on some RhinoSkin at the closed-down hydro shop. Slowly expanding my nutes!

Your reveg looks good! I’ve only revegged when I’ve taken late cuttings in early flower. These ladies!

Merry Christmas all!

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Out of likes!

Same to ya brother! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


That thought occured to me Last night, I started trying to clone the re-veged growth and up-sized four solo cup babies into gal dirt.
All four suffered serious neglect from 11-1-seeding viability experiment (2022 MY bag seeds). The 11-1 seedlings who were favored and spoiled with dirt, bags, and space, look as good as the 11-11- ILGM Maui and GL.
Jan, i will try to clone the MW and GLs.