Spudgunner's Clone Grow

@matty777 here’s my journal! I should try and get new pics today, they need more training already!

Looking forward to seeing those!

@Spudgunner I am so glad to see the DB made it. I know about back issues and feel for you. Glad you had a good trip, but it is time to get back to the grow. I look forward to seeing this Death Bubba flower.

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Looking nice. Sounds like your trip was a blast.

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Thanks @Darodguy and @noddykitty1, good to see you’re back here! Rome was a blast, so much history everywhere, and the food and wine and the atmosphere of the people was fantastic! One off the bucket list!

I definitely need to give them a trim and open them up some more. Being revegged clones, they have a ton of little branches coming out of nowhere, looks like an old paintbrush with stems instead of bristles. I’ll either do that this morning or tonight, haven’t checked to see who’s playing this morning. Lights go out in 2 hours, need some coffee in me before I do anything to them.

Pics to follow


Ok, just did a quick trim and tightened up their bonds and added a few more. Starting to get a bit crowded in there, they are growing quickly. Lots of little branches coming out from the stem, and it almost looks like some of the funky leaves are turning into branches, totally weird. The joys and funkiness of revegging clones!

The Dutch Treat is exploding with little branches! Tried to open her up to see which ones will grow up sturdy enough to support buds, maybe in a week or 2 I’ll sacrifice half of those pissy little branches. Don’t need 40 colas off of 1 plant!

Front left plant opened up nicely, you can see all the branches that want to make it.

Basil (front right) is looking more normal after plucking all the early leaves off of her. She has some thick branches coming out!

Rear right is looking good, not much strange growth off her main stem. Should have just a few mains with many colas coming off of those.

Rear left plant spread out nicely, middle is nice and open for light and airflow.

Here are some of the funky looking leaves that got trimmed, from basil shaped to newer thick and crinkly “regular” leaves.

Gave them all about a quart of food, not quite full strength mix…about 80% strength. I bet by 9pm tonight after lights have been on for 4 hours they will be reaching back for the light. I’ll let them grow like this for another week or two, then do additional training. Plan is still to flip them around New Years, if they look big enough. I’d like to get 4oz per plant this run, a pound of Death Bubba would last me almost a year if I only smoke it at night. It’s not really a daytime strain, stupids you up pretty good! It’s very enjoyable if you need to watch paint dry, but forget getting anything done!


I love me some good stupid, go ask Alice.

So, 24 hours after a bondage session, ladies look like they want more! It’s amazing how they rebound the way they do!

This is “Basil”, the front right Death Bubba. Her leaves are quite normal now, really dark and thick, more like a tree’s leaves rather than a plant’s. But there will be lots of bud sites on her for sure!

The front left plant has way too many shoots coming out of the center stem, I’m going to have to thin those out and improve the airflow in her. Starting to see a bit of WPM come back. I’ll spray her tomorrow morning at lights out before it gets too much, a bit of ammonia and water, not that she needs the extra Nitrogen.

Back left plant is getting a nice spread, more so on one side than the other. Might try training her in a circle around the pot. See how she grows in the next 4 weeks I guess!

Back Right plant is looking good, taken to training quite well. Hoping for many colas from her!

And finally, the Dutch Treat in the middle. I can’t believe the number of shoots coming out from her! Bend them outwards, seems like 10 more sprout up from the middle! I should call her Medusa, cut one shoot off and 2 others appear. Look deeply into her center and you will get stoned! :rofl:

She would make a great Mother plant, could probably take 15 or more cuttings off her and you would barely notice. Maybe I’ll do that.

I am really tempted to take some cuttings and root them out quickly into 3" pots and flip them with these at New Years. Just have some single buds for shits&giggles again. Maybe do another storyboard with the Evil Troll and Sir Smokalot, it’s been almost a year since the troll tried to steal the harvest


That’s the first I have heard of using ammonia for WPM have you used it before with good results? What ratio do you use?

A shot glass of ammonia in a spray bottle of water. Or you can use hydrogen peroxide and water, 50/50 mix. Even milk and water, 50/50 mix works well, and looking at them, that’s probably what I’ll use this time, they don’t need additional nitrogen and ammonia is good for a nitrogen foliar feed.
With milk, it does matter whether it’s whole, 2% or skim milk, it’s not the fat that kills the spores.


@Spudgunner You can really see the Indica/Sativa difference between the Dutch Treat and the DB. If you are taking clones from the DT and keeping them in a small container, why not try the Solo Cup Challenge? Oh, and can you email me one? LOL

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@Darodguy I would if I could! Tried to give away a dozen or so this summer, could only gift 4 to my neighbour, was “forced” to flower out the remaining 9 (was 10 but 1 hermied…Stevie’s original top! :cry:) in my tent with their mothers.
I should go out and get another bag of ProMix today, then I could take some cuttings and root them for 3 or 4 weeks. Won’t get much, but a little is always better than none! Maybe I can let them flower for 4 weeks them force them back to reveg, watch the funk happen all over again! Then I’d have sometime to veg in the tent after it finishes flowering a month after that.


I have a bush plant, after lighting changes introduced re-vegetation.
Interesting, but will be chopped soon.

I am so glad you tried it. It works great doesn’t it on PM. Everyone just looks at me like I am crazy when I suggest it. Like no comment and crickets. I suggested it on a thread yesterday and no one replied like it was bad data to drop.

You just made my day.


Yeah, I did that when I took the clones and they developed a bad case of it, before transplanting them. One had it so bad I had to snip the “bud” off that was too far gone (before they revegged).
Couple days ago I used milk and water mix, 50/50 strength. I think that got a few strange looks, but I remember MDBuds explaining how the enzymes (or whatever it is in milk!) kills the spores on contact. I still search his threads for nuggets of info like that!
And hey, glad to see you back on line! You doing anything inside? I’d smuggle you some of the clones of the Dutch Treat I have to take later today if you were a bit closer! Damn borders!


Close, they both work because they have alkaline PH. The PM needs an acidic environment to thrive. That’s also why dissolved baking soda works well on PM. I like the ammonia best because it nitrogen feeds ( like you said) and it kills slugs the best. I bet the slugs are just as bad for you. The only reason I am biased against milk is on the outdoor. I have found the milk the next day attracting other pest and mammals. No problems indoor though.

Also the milk drips fire up the living soil. Many add it to the watering too. MDbuds was all about watering w it to have lactobacillus for the living soil.


That was the word I was looking for (without re-researching his posts! lol)!

I actually don’t have a problem with slugs. I’ve only stepped on a few this summer, and they weren’t able, or didn’t try, to climb my grow bags or my buckets. And now, I’m indoors! I was lucky enough to harvest ALL my outdoor plants this year, it was such a strange year. Next year, I will only do autos outside, start them in the tent and move them out early June for a mid-August harvest (everything has to be dried and burped by end of August)


Amen, this was my lesson learned this past summer. So strange, Oct 15 and still, no rain.
I would have bet $$ on Oct 1 being rainseason and Oct 10 Monsoon Loving the indoor plan.

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I did this because forum discussions presented unknown.
Not sure if good or bad. But here are the results.

Flowering females, reveged upon flip from 12/12 to 18/6 for a few days and then to 10/2 twice a day.
Reason being heat neaded in garage and LED light 1000 watts in flower tent generates some heat.
Flowering females started single leaf production (very small leaves, less than half inch length).
Flowering and Terps (white hair pairs pretty, but none turning brown or amber) and still looking good.
Seedlings under canopy LOVE life and sharing tents well.

The re-veg transition did give my plants with flowers to extend stems (space out nodes-a half inch max).
Love smoking the Keife (20 grams) and can’t wait for good smoke for process in trim bin.
Seed mining killed a pound of outdoor grow that was not fully developed from planting in Aug-outdoor time.
IDK, but I am trying to be better as a grower.

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So yesterday I got some ProMix ready for some cuttings. Mixed up a weaker batch of nutes for the ladies, took out 3/4 of a gallon and added some Voodoo Juice to it, then added that to the ProMix and got it damp, filled 10 little pots that fit in my seedling dome. When the lights came on last night, took some cuttings and cleaned up under the Dutch treat and the front left Death Bubba, they both had a ton of little pissy branches coming out that won’t amount to much, but really bunch the middle of the plant up and make a great environment for WPM to grow. The milk/water mix I sprayed the other day has killed it so far, so happy about that!

Anyways, pics are from this morning, their evening. Group shot. I only put the center Dutch Treat on that styrofoam yesterday to raise her closer to the light…today she had painted nails so I took her off of that riser. Don’t think she likes the light as much as the Death Bubbas do, their leaves are so much darker and thicker than hers. Also had to raise the light a bit and spread them out a few inches, they be growing goodly!

Front right, Basil has some nice thick branches with a ton of future bud sites. Really like her shape, and I’ve trimmed off most of her basil-like leaves. Still really thick coverage.

Front Left DB, I took 4 cuttings off of her plus trimmed up another half dozen sprouts growing out from the stem area. You can actually see her stem now!

Rear Left is just chugging along, no real funk around her stem, haven’t had to clean much of her up. She’s always grown more to one side, this was a clone that was a bit too far in bud and got WPM really badly, she developed bud rot (or is it button rot?) and I had to snip the main part of her off. Was going to chuck her, but that’s against my nature. Now look at her!

Rear Right, taking off too! Gonna be some nce colas on her when she grows up!

And the little Dutch Treat in the middle. Took 6 cuttings off her, plus a bunch of little shoots coming off the base. It’s a lot more open than it was! Once the branches grow a bit more (now that there are a lot less of them), I should be able to bend her outwards more and open up the middle . Hard right now when the branches are only about 4" long covered with growth.

Here’s my seeding/cloning area, upstairs office. Have the heating pad on, and the little T5 fluorescent on 24/7 right now. Nice and humid!

And 10 cuttings I hope all root. The 4 corners in square pots are Death Bubbas, all from the front left plant, and the 6 in round pots are Dutch Treat. Hopefully they stay here for 2 weeks, until Christmas at least. And if I’m good this Christmas, I might ask the wife if I can put my old COB light in a closet for them. I’ll have to up-pot them to 1 gallons if she says yes, then to 3 or 4 gallon pots once the tent empties late March and them flower these out.

But that’s only if I’m good!