Sprouts look thin and tall, is this ok?


Hi Everyone,
this is my first time growing these seeds and so fat they are coming up just fine but they look very thin to me. Two of them are getting so tall, the small plastic cover I had on them has to be moved to the side because they will get crushed by the lid if I don’t. I am following all the steps from this site and so far everything seems t be working out , other then they look thin to me. I have 3 white widow, 3 Buddha, one 11 roses and 2 california skunk growing. Since I dont have enough experience can someone tell me if this is what they should be doing so far? Thank you, Margaret


Move your light closet to your plants if they are stretching that bad


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do you have any pictures?


Sprouts are generally thin, your stem will be about the size of spegetti noodles. If they stretched to far get something to help hold them up until you transplant. When you transplant cover all your xtra stem with soil or what ever you are growing in. You can bury the stem all the way up to around 1 or 2 inches from your 2 small round leaves. And get a fan blowing towards them to help strengthen the stem. If you need to keep them covered with a dome you can cut a bottle and use the bottom so it’s tall enough. If you can post any pictures we can help guide you more. You should join the forum and every one here will do all we can to help you get a good harvest
Happy growing


Thank you Bige I tried to add a picture but I don’t see where to upload. Can you tell me please?


the thing above the typing pad with arrow pointed up!

here is a helpful chart




keep them damp,i use superthrive in my seedling solution.
be careful not to let them get hot.
@Countryboyjvd1971 would you like to elaborate here?
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What kind of light are you using again?


Hi Sirsmokes,
I had bought a light in Lowe’s just because these started sprouting faster than the one I ordered got here So it is a T5 light. Dont know if its decent enough or not but the other one I had ordered from Amazon came yesterday. It is a 45 W LED light. maybe I need to switch the lights today and give them a bit ore water. I didnt want to over water them


They are most likely searching for more light at 45 watt bring them close ( like 12 inches ) mist the root ball but not soak and think about just planting them as is in a six inch pot so you can use a straw to prop them up for a week or 2 and sorry but better lighting is going to be essential maybe not better but more wattage I am using just over 2000 watt worth of light but they only draw about 700 from the wall which is how they ahould really rate the lights . Good luck and remember that ph


That t5 will be ok in seedling stage as soon as you get the 45w light put them both on the girl. Now unfortunately the 45w is not going to be enough once she get a little size on her I’m nor sure of your budget but if you are only growing one plant I recommend spending another 70 on a roleadro 300 or galaxy hydro 300 or mars hydro 300. Those are some cheaper good brands I use the roleadro and galaxy hydro with good results I’m happy anyways. If you want even better results get the 600 version or 2 300s I have 5 300 watt lights so I can move and adjust them like I want


This is 3 roleadro 300w 2nd Gen and 2 galaxy hydro 300w


Oh WOW!!! Your plants are beautiful!! I will definitely get the light you suggested. My Buddha strain and california skunk strain (the california skunk came free with my order) are doing great. The white widow strain are still pretty small s I think they are in need of stronger light as well. I get paid on friday and will look into that light. So yo have both of those lights you mentioned in your grow tent? I bought a grow tent but because my plants are still small, I just have them sitting on the heating mats with the lights above them. Friday I will buy some of the nutrients for them but to see your plants so awesome looking, I feel I am missing an important step. I will post pics shortly of how they look so far. Best wishes to you with them! Margaret


Yes I use both of those lights I mentioned along with advanced nutrients pH perfect line. I use sensitive grow a & b and b-52 golden goddess and Alaska fish fertilizer in veg stage and in flower I use sensitive bloom a & b big bud rhino skin bud candy. Golden goddess b-52 overdrive and flawless finish as directed
And thank you for the compliment of my plants I can tag you to my grow journal so you can see what I got going on.


yes please tag me so I can see them growing. I hope mine will get like that. After seeing my tiny plants, I can only hope I follow all the right steps to get like those. I am really just looking for the medicinal strains for myself. The 2 california skunk seeds that came free with the order I will give to a friend. Once you see the pictures of my little plants, you will laugh I have never tried growing this before though so I think they are doing just ok. I think once I get stronger lights like you mentioned and start giving them some nutrients, they will do better,


Ok I am going to attach a few pics here, hope they show. The first one will be a buddha plant, I have 2 and they seem to be ok. then the california skunk and they seem ok and then the two small white widow plants. Now they started the same time with the other two and yet they are so small. But I will do better lights and see what happens. I have another question. In your plants and others, it looks like more than one plant grew together. Are they planting more than one in a pot? Or does one seed that made my little plants actually sprout off so many leaves?


There are a cpl of people who plant multiple plants together. I do not what you see is 4 separate plants but the real big buddy one is just one single auto flower white widow