Sprouts just appeared

So question.

  1. when do I start the counting from? They grew a tap root 4 days ago and today 2 of my babies peeked their heads up from the surface!
  2. I have them in my tent in the full 5ga pots. I am keeping temps between 70-75 degrees humidity at 50% I also have clear solo cups with holes drilled in them over the top.

    Thanks for all the help

My 1200w led is on veg about 24” away

After about a week from breaking soil they will develop their first true set of leaves. Could be 2 weeks but that is the start of veg time. Not science but that’s the way to figured it. Just like flowering - after a week or 2 when you see first grouping of pistils is the start of flowering… good.luck may the growth be with you!!

Keep em domed a while longer. Gotta keep that humidity up. Even once they move from seedling to veg and the domes off should be a little higher. I run 60 to 70 rh in veg, sometimes it will creep up in the 80s. Flower i keep it between 45 and 60. 55 is what i try to hold tho. If it gets above 65 in flower your risking mold and mildew. Keeping air circulating helps keep that from happening.

Thanks I will try to get it a bit higher. Right now my heater and humidifier are fighting each other.