Sprouting problem leaves

If you’re anything like me you’re forcing yourself to be patient lol :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Oh i am lol. The crazy thing is i had a dud in this pot and had to replant. So this pot is even more behind on my other pots that are thriving

Oh :thinking: same pot you say :thinking: I don’t believe in coincidence

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Yeah im giving it the benefit of the doubt for now

Picture and how many days since it popped out of the ground?

Your PH’ing and letting your water sit out for 24hr right?

Now its been 7 days since it popped put of ground and yes im ph-ing and letting sit out for 24 hours. Heres an updated picture.

If nothing happens in a week. I might transplant my other plant that i put in a mason jar. I know it sounds silly i have one in a mason jar just for decoration lol. But id rather transplant than replant a new seed. Thoughts?

Just future reference, roots don’t like light glass is not good to grow in

Yeah i see lol. Im thinking of either transplanting this one into the affected pot if no improvement is made

This Maui Wowie was worse than you have:

And here it is 60 days since emerging from the soil:

As others have said, be patient and don’t give it too much “love”.

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Were the seedlings leaves like mine though?

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that Maui Wowie emerged with a single misshapen cotyledon.
Here is what it looked like when it was two weeks old:

And this is a week later:

Here you can compare it to the other plants that were germinated at the same time:

Oh wow that’s interesting. Im just concerned since my leaves are in a v shape and no additional leaves other than the seedlings leaves grew since a week since it sprouted. You have given me hope though lol

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It’s a difficult strain to grow from my understanding so be patient and give it loving.

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