Sprouting method and light

A question from a fellow grower:

Before I need any fertilisers I need to finish germinating my seeds.
I plan on soaking them in water for 24 hours.
Then placing them in ph neutral soil until they sprout and protrude from the soil, at which point I shall supply light via a CFL tube.
Can you please advise, how long can I keep them under a basic CFL light before requiring a fan? And how long roughly till I should place them outside in the sun?
Am i able to grow 4-5 nodes under a simple CFL light before needing a fan or sunlight?

Yes that would be almost perfect. Let them get established first. And no feed in till there 5 6 true sets of leaves. Start then on one quarter the nutrients and up t each feeding in till you know what it hey can handle and then I would put outside
As for.the fan wait to they get above soil and then the fan can come on but very gently as first.