Sprouting issue

Hey guys i have a seed thats in the middle of sprouting but the seed hasnt left… see photo attached… no progress made in 24 hours.

Gently mist the seed and it should loosen after a few hours. Then gently lift off with a toothpick or tweezers. You should see green then. It happens frequently but it’s an easy fix.
Good luck with your grow.


Yeah i just sprayed it with water. Does leaving the seed on does any harm?

The seed aka helmet is covering the first leaves. Sometimes the helmet will fall off by itself. I usually just mist when I see one & remove the next day if it hasn’t fallen off. But to answer your question, yeah it can stunt the growth of the plant. But I’ve seen plants do just fine after removing the helmet with seemingly no ill effects.
My eyesight isn’t great and I let one go about 3 days thinking it was just a dirty piece of perlite and not that it was a sprout. It survived & grew into a nice healthy productive plant.


Thanks for the advice. I think ill try to gently remove it like you said. I have another plant that the seed left but the root tip is still there and didnt create a stem yet… weird

Not just the helmet, don’t forget the membrane face mask, if it dries while still covering the two sprout peddles and by luck doesn’t peel off on its own, then the sprout is doomed. The peddles will pop open as soon as the mask is removed (if the mask didn’t come off already).


I see. Still weird that out of 12 planted… only 2 had this issue. Other 10 sprouted no issue

Yeah im going to see if by tomorrow if it gets out by itself. When barely touching seed with tweezers the whole thing moves so im not risking pulling the root out.

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Yeah just checked and no growth. I think its dead. Probably better off planting a new one.

Update (i know it says chronic widow as i had the wrong label on in the previous pic). Instead of throwing this plant away, i transplanted this seed in a small jar and replanted a new seed in this pot. That seed had issues as well! At least the cotylen leaves grew but they were actually stunted… but the actually plant i posted that never left the seed actually grew in the jar! Last week i transplanted it back in. Funny thing is, i thing my seeds love my soil, and not the pot for pot soil since ive only had issues with the one pot that i have a pot for pot kit with. Anyway, heres what it looks like niw. Growing slow but since i transplanted it doubled in size. Just wanted to update everyone! Always stay patient!