Sprouting Gorilla Glue Autos

Hi y’all. I started soaking my seeds on the 5th, soaked them for 24 hours (they sank), removed them and put them in a moist paper towel for another 24 hours, both seeds had cracked open so I put them into solo cups full of FoxFarm happy frog soil with ziploc bags acting as humidity domes, and I have my tsw 2000 at 50% power 30” above them. The temperature has stayed between 75-85° and the RH has fluctuated between 50-80%. I’ve been spraying the tent walls with water when I notice the RH lower than 60%. The seeds have now been in the soil cups for 24 hours, and my question is… how long should it take before the sprout and show themselves?


3-5 days. Usually less, but you can get some stubborn ones.
Happy growing!


Thanks for the info and the reply! I’m looking forward to seeing some sproutage!! Lol


Hello and welcome! Following!!

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Update: I see a lil sprout on one of them!! It’s such a cute little green thing, beautiful to my eager eyes!! The other hasn’t sprouted yet, but soon hopefully!! For now, I’m trying to be patient. A couple of questions for anyone who may be able to help:

  1. I have my light on a 20/4 schedule, but what intensity should I have them on? (I have them at 50% right now.)

  2. I have a 4” inline intake fan, a 6” inline exhaust fan, and a small 6” desktop fan for circulation (and I heard it helps strengthen the plants), but I’m not sure how or where to put the desktop fan for the plants to receive any benefits from them. If anyone could give me advice or tell me what would work, that’d be amazing!

Thanks in advance, it’s greatly appreciated!

This is my little sproutling, the seed is still covering part of it, so it’s got a little helmet. Is it normal for the seed to still be covering it? And if so, When should the seed fall off of it?

@Covertgrower, I meant to tag you in my other replies, and was hoping to get your feedback/advice. TIA!

Seed should be shed in the soil. I would use tweezers to remove it carefully. Be careful not to overwater. Moist, not saturated.

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Thanks for the reply and info! I will attempt to remove the shell. I’ve been doing 2-3 mists (very light mists) about twice a day, is that too much?

I would cover the seedling when misting. You don’t want to burn the leaves. Just get the soil. As long as it’s moist I would leave it. They don’t have much ability to take water up yet, until they develop a root system.

I usually water once when I plant the seed, and i never touch it for almost 3 weeks depending on my RH.

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Will do. If my RH is staying between 65-75%, how often would you suggest misting the soil? I’ve been sticking my finger in the soil and watering when none of it sticks to me. I figure if there was any moisture the soil would stick to me, right? If that’s a stupid assumption, please correct me. I’m so new to this I feel like an infant. Lol I have them in a dark cycle right now, should I wait until the light comes back on to try to remove the seed? I’ve heard that interrupting the dark cycle is a no-no, but I feel like that was not during the seedling stage?

This is more for in flower, but it’s also important to not make a habit of waking the plants up at all hours. They need a rest too. Also cover any equipment giving off light in the tent too.

Should be able to stick your finger into the soil to the second knuckle and if it’s still moist you’re doing good. You can check on the side of the container, not next to the plant.

I would mist the soil, and then put a dome over the seedling. Help keeps the RH up. 65-75 is pretty good though.

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Awesome! Thanks again for the replies and info! And sorry for asking question after question, I just want to make sure I’m doing this right. I have a quart sized ziploc bag over them acting as a humidity dome, will that work? If not, what something that I could use as one that I wouldn’t need to buy from a supply store?

Ziplock works great. Any questions you have, feel free to ask away. We are all here to help.


Well, I really appreciate the help, and I’ll take all the help I can get. Lol I’ve never grown anything ever, so this is very daunting to me. It’ll all be worth it after harvest though! :grin:

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Always is my friend.

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Okay, I used tweezers and very gently pulled the seed shell off the sprout, but did I mess it up? It looks like part of my leaves got stuck to the inside of the shell, or is that just because I have untrained eyes?

Hard to say, what’s the seedling look like? Shell looks good.

These are the same sprout just from different angles.

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It seems to be growing kinda tilted sideways, is that normal?