Sprouted Seedlings

Two out of six seeds had sprouted I’m really confused I planted in solo cups one of the leaves look curl and light green haven give any nutrients still have under the light in the dome with the vent open, using distilled water for watering. This my first grow not really sure what to do at this point open to any advice Uploading: DF73D3E4-50CC-403D-A5D3-01FED0450C16.jpeg… Uploading: 6AFF5B16-1154-4830-888E-40BF8E9D09AD.jpeg… Uploading: FBF88D43-132E-40BB-AF74-F4ED87B2058D.jpeg… Uploading: 076024DE-17EF-4D20-BB63-2939C083FF8E.jpeg…

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Ok thanks

I just saw these same pics on a diff thread.
My comment was to make sure ur not overwatering. Let the cups dry out before u water again.
Happy growing.


Should I put my newly sprouted seedling in a dome under grow lights?