Sprout Trauma HELP

Please help. so I was mounting my fan in my room when my Strwaberry Kush 2+ weeks old toppled over. YIKES. So my solution was to take the break and plant immediately. So I have 1 Gold Leaf 4 days old and a OG and Cloned Strawberry Kush. So please tell me the good bad and ugly about this trauma and did I address issue correctly and timely. Virgin Grower.

What bulbs are you using? May want to lower them a bit as plant will stretch to reach the light it needs. Did it snap in half or something. Might be able to tape it together. That may work but probably not

I’m using slyvannia 100watt. It snapped.

Hey grow buddy. Light is to far from sprout. This is causing the sprout to be long and thin. So a breeze can make it topple over to easy. Ill post a pic of mine as sprouts.
If it happens again when u re plant put half that stem into soil…

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So 4 inches from top of plant is too far for light source?

I actually think your fallen sprout will come back from the accident. I have faith. Just water and keep an eye on her.

And the boys are right, I’d lower the lights if possible. It will help with stretching.


that Sylvania 100 watt is only actually about 23 real watts right? Its a cfl? For three plants you are going to need more light…you will have to find the sweet spot but if that is the Sylvania I am thinking of it will need to be about 2 inches from the plant at this stage of growth

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you guys are right about the light I was measuring from clamp lamp center instead of bulb. Also, I’m so scared to get leaf burn. But, I will update you in like 3 days lets see how this goes. But after transplant, watering, adding fan it everything seems to have perked up. I will be adding another light today any suggestions Imay be able to find locally? I will be adding a LEC system for flowering and will be my permanent lighting moving forward.If I save this plant I will feel accomplished :slight_smile: First Grow jitters

Thanks for rapid response.

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Sidenote: I have two lights at this time. What would be a good add?

I am using those Sylvania cfls for my seedlings as well… I bought some “Y” splitters and I have 4 bulbs per seedling…so each plant is getting 92 actual watts of 6500K CFL…with that wattage I keep them about 6" from the plants and I still had one stretch a little on me.


please post pics I was told that 1 bulb was enough for each plant until they go into vegetation. I definitely want to get this right especially in the early stages.

one bulb is enough so long as you keep them close…if I were to keep mine at 2" it would burn the plants

This was my CFL grow box. I now using to grow veggies and have 5 turned off. The more clf’s the better. This I kept at 4 inches above plants.

Update: Purchased additional light. Sylvania 120watt indoor ultra LED. Watered all plants via spray bottle. pH of clone 6. Original SK, shows signs of life leaves forming at stem, adjusted Slyvania 100w Ultra LED to 2in from top of plant. Gold Leaf shows slight sign of leaf burn from exposure adjusted to 6 in. Exposed to another 100w Slyvania Ultra LED, 2 in from light. SK Clone 6 in from light experiencing severe leaf burn from 5 minutes exposure. 6" fan blowing plants. LOL, boy am I learning. 3 more days hoping for turnaround of all plants. week 3 has been interesting and yes you must watch your plants! SUGGESTIONS?

is it this bulb?

No it’s a glass fixture ULTRA LED INDOOR


these SYLVANIA Ultra 100W Equivalent Dimmable Daylight A21 LED Light Fixture Light Bulb

okay…that is a 16 watt bulb at 5000k…it will help but that bulb needs to be very close to the plant…perhaps get a splitter and have two per plant?.. IIRC Robert recommends 26 watts of CFL about 2" from plants…
usually you want a daylight bulb that is 6500k in color so you get more blue spectrum as it helps with vegetative growth… but I have a couple 5000k cfl’s and they seem to be doing fairly well so that may not be an issue at this point.
the biggest hurdle is understanding the watts…a 100 watt equivalent bulb, when using cfl or led, is never 100 watts… I have 12 100 watt Equ bulbs over my three plants and they are only actually about 280 watts…as each 100 equivalent bulb is only 23 actual watts

I see so I have 1 bulb per plant. Then I have a 120 watt same brand 4 in from the clone that I created from the broken stem. when I placed 2 inch it got severe leaf burn in minutes. So is that ok? And this is just for the germ phaze once veg starts I plan to get a LEC

burn of course is no good…if you see light stress raise the light an inch…there is a sweet spot in there somewhere and you want to find that…also do not forget to mist your seedlings a few times a day