Sprout seeds in Bubble Cloner


Ok guys, so it’s been about a week since I decided to take a theory I had, and put it to test with an actual experiment.

My theory; You could successfully germinate and sprout a seed WITHOUT using soil/coco/pro mix/perlite/etc. or rapid rooter plugs/jiffy pellets/rockwool/etc.

My idea; Place seeds inside of my bubble cloner net pots.

If you search the forum you’ll see my DIY Bubble Cloner. Well, I took that bubble cloner and just simply placed seeds inside of my 2" net pots.

First, I carefully placed hydroton on the bottom of the net pot, to keep the seeds from falling through and into the reservoir.

Second, I carefully placed hydroton around the seeds, bein selective of the sizes of hydroton, because as I was thinking about it I decided the smaller balls of hydroton would be better. They would let more water through the net pots holes, as well as let the sprout grow up and out from under the small hydroton balls. I thought maybe the bigger balls would cause a problem with the sprout reaching out of the net pot.

Third, I made sure the water level in the Bubble Cloner reservoir was at the perfect level. I want it to be high enough for water bubbles to splash on my net pots and trickle through the hydroton, providing constant water for the seeds. If people can germinate a seed in standing water, why can’t you do it in bubbling water?

And finally, I sat the bubble cloner outside of my veg tent. The only reason I did this was because I was afraid the light may shine through the net pots and into the reservoir, causing algae. When placing the hydroton in the net pots, and because I used the smaller sized hydroton balls, you can see a few gaps between the hydroton and the net pots. Now, after thinking about it, I decided this isn’t a big deal because my seeds/sprouts shouldn’t be in there for long, meaning I can change the water out frequently, as well as just back fill the net pots with more hydroton once a seed sprouts up.

Here’s the first successful attempt guys. Boy am I proud of myself. I hope to really learn the best way to do this and get it dialed in for my seeds. I think it’s a breakthrough in seed sprouting technology. Or maybe I’m just lucky.

First picture of the sprout from 2 days ago.

And here’s a picture from today, you can see roots protruding from the net pot. I’m so happy! Proof that my theory was correct. Proof that you can take an idea and make it work.


@Blountville and @careg here’s the thread I promised!


excellent work Ktreez!! You have earned the mad scientist of the month award for sure… almost seems your process is similar to when we used to put avocado seeds in a mason jar back in the day… minus the toothpicks of course.

does it look like your seed maintained it’s position in the pot or did it slip down any?..


Truly amazing!!!


It definitely did move from its original position. But because I was careful when placing the hydroton in the net pot, the seed stayed inside and sprouted.

And thanks @Oak I appreciate that! You too @careg thanks man!


The more I think about the more I think that I could get a seed to sprout successfully in a 5 gallon DWC setup. If I run a top drip system it should keep the seed wet enough to germinate and once germinated it would find water all around. That’s my next attempt lol!


I need to show you those pictures I have of bubble cloning. :slight_smile:


I have been thinking about this myself after you telling me about your bubble cloner. I was thinking about using the rapid rooter plugs and placing them in the bubble cloner. I just didnt know if the bubbles would penatrate through the plug. I just started growing and on my second grow in soil. I have seen threads on here about people going from soil to dwc and how much better results they are getting. It’s nice to know that we can do this without having to use the plugs etc. My next grow im doing a dwc, and when I get things dialed in I will do my seed this way. Keep the thread going and let us know how them ladies do!


"ITS ALL GREEK TO ME " Lol but i read everything i can on here, its pretty damn fascinating stuff


in hydro growing is there any threat for stem rot?? was just worried the seed might fall too far down and be getting a wet stalk.


Just use same size pot on your cloner. Just have to move the basket. It would be easier to keep an eye on I’d think.


I’ve drilled out the hole half way through of some hydroton pellets. Seed drops right into the hole, but can’t fall through. Just to keep seed from settling down and drowning. May try this week, but tried up for space for a couple weeks unless I get creative


@oak There’s definitely the problem of stem rot in hydro. But at this stage the seedling doesn’t actually have a stem until it pushes its first set of leaves (cotyledons) up and out of the medium.

Now, if the sprout should shift positions now, after sprouting, then I could have a “damping off” and the sprout could die. This being said, all of this is being done with bag seeds. In case I shouldn’t succeed I won’t be that upset because it’s just bag seeds. Once I get it dialed in I’ll use my good seeds.

@Blountville that’s brilliant man! I’m going to have to steal that idea! Haha I hope that’s ok.


That’s what’s cool about sprouting where it will remain. Kinda removes all the risks, not to mention delays, of moving the seedling.


@4play the more you read, and educate yourself on hydro, the simpler it gets. It just requires you look at the plant differently. Relate it to owning a cat. You can pick up a cat, bring it home and name it, and pet it, and it will probably be OK. It will love you hang around and live at your place. But you really don’t have much control of this cat. It gets worms, picked up by the cops, knocked up, ran over… to me, that’s growing in soil. You think it’s a good neighborhood, looks clean, nice on the surface, but you just don’t know who or what’s in that dirt with kitty! Or, you can bring your pussy inside with you. You now know where it is, how it is, what it’s eating, and you have a pretty good idea what happened if it’s hurt. But most importantly, you can make immediate and permanent changes to anything that’s wrong your kitty, and will see first thing in the morning if it helped. That’s growing hydro. You have pretty much total access and control of everything that gets to your plant. LMAO


What a great analogy. I’m going to remember that one lol @Blountville


HAHAHaHa i FRICKEN LOVE THAT ! Awesome metaphor. Now i wanna try some pussy withou the worms lol My Puss Puss has worms! Well i will have to try that once i get thru usin up all the nutes i already bought for soils. Hmmm i was still learning how to grow in soil… decisions. …decisions lol >im one of those that hates making decisions. . Got some learnin to do before i give it a go


I really think hydro is far easier to manage, more of a mental barrier than a skill. It’s just contradictive to our brain’s blueprint of how a plant should work. As long as you have the basic tools, pH chemicals, and nutes, you can look at the plant, find the problem, and make fairly precise changes quickly. Growing in soil makes these things much more complicated to trace, and correct. But you also must keep closer eyes, as detrimental changes can occur faster.


I completely and totally agree with @Blountville 100%.

Before starting hydro, I was so worried and scared that I’d just kill off my plants and waste my time and money. My reasoning for these thoughts? Because all I ever heard or read was how much more complicated hydro was, or how you needed all this equipment. It’s almost like i was being told I couldn’t do hydro because I was a newbie.

I said !@#$ it anyway, because I felt like hydro would actually be easier! For me, soil was just awful to grow in. Pests, pH, flushing, watering, it was all so annoying and problematic.

My FIRST hydro plant yielded me the same as 3 of my soil plants. That right there was the final straw that broke the pussies back haha @Blountville! At that point I knew I was completely done with soil.

Don’t be intimidated by hydro, it’s honestly so incredibly easy and simple if you actually take the time to just learn everything and truly grasp the concept. I tell all my soil growing friends around me, switch dude you’ll love it! My one buddy is going to give it a go with 1 bucket, and that’s what I would suggest to anyone thinking about trying hydro.

Stop thinking about it. Do it. You’ll learn either way!


@ktreez maybe worth a mention .i have just noticed as of recent …clones can handle a more aggressive bubbling .but my seedling dint seem to be getting any roots out the bottom mm? the removed the mesh pot and found them all torn off …looked at the bottom of it and sure enough it had been doing it awhile …so i lowered the bubbles intensity down a notch… it seem’s that seedlings produce a much more delicate root …to start with as to compared to a clone … it’s the only time ive seen to much bubbles … Hammer