Sprout in Coco loco solo cup xplant to KIND pot?

I’m a first timer and I’m planning on using KIND soil, a small issue I have is that the seed will be here today but the soil hasn’t shipped.

My plan for my grow was to germinate in a shot glass and then transfer to a 3 gallon pot, the bottom filled with 3 pounds of KIND soil, then filling the rest of the pot with Coco Loco.

I’m anxious to get started, do you think that I could put the seed in a shot glass when I get it and then transfer it to a solo cup full of coco loco after it sprouts and then transplant that into the pot with KIND + coco loco when it gets here?

I would recommend choosing one medium or the other. One has nutrients in it, and is not supposed to be watered to run off. The coco is supposed to have run off, and has no nutrients.
Both mediums have different ph recommendations.

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Thanks for replying Covert, I think there may have been a misunderstanding…

KIND soil recommends that their product only fills the bottom (1lb per 1 gallon of pot space), so the root can reach towards it, they also rec. coco loco to fill the rest of the container.

I’m just wondering if I can start in coco loco and then transplant it to the top of the pot that will consist of kind soil (once it arrives) and coco loco on top. Like, would putting a seed with a tail into coco loco in a solo cup for a week or two be ok? And then moving it over the kind soil pot.

For a week, I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. No worries on the misunderstanding. That happens a lot through words, pictures help.
You may want some nutrients for that week, as coco doesn’t have any.


Thanks for the reply, and I can’t wait to have things to post photos of! :slight_smile:

Do you think I could get away with just some basic sugar water for a week or two?

I don’t think sugar water will have much for the plant.