Sprout check in

Hi, this is my first grow and I can’t tell if this is the root or the start of the stem :slight_smile:

I lightly moved a little soil around it, view from the other side:

My eye is not trained and I don’t have what you’d call a green thumb… does this all look ok?


Looks perfect, that’s the seed shell stuck on the top, it will fall off, if it doesn’t after a day or so, spray it with water and lightly tap it off with a fingernail


She’s pushing through with a turtle shell :joy:

Do you think it will just fall off if it’s like this?

Otherwise seems like really nice progress for today. :herb::grin:


It’ll fall


normal progression


This looks really good. I can see that you have refrained from over watering which is super good. Too many folks over water their seedlings which can kill them and will certainly slow them down.

Nice work!

What strain(s) are you growing? Photo or Auto?


Thank you! - that’s great to hear :slight_smile: - it’s a GDP photo from ILGM, I actually started a journal for it: GDP + KIND Soil (Indoor tent, first grow) - #8 by SpaceInvader

I’ve been paranoid about over watering since I started reading here lol. So far I’ve been misting the top soil twice a day with a spray bottle, usually around 8am/8pm, I hold the bottle a few inches above the plant and spray it 2 - 3 times. Don’t get me wrong, I have an urge to pour water on it for some reason but I have more of an urge to get some sweet sticky buds :)!!


Don’t go any more than that…my seedlings stay under the domes for the first week or so. I mist the inside of the dome but seldom put any water or mist on the soil (if the soil actually starts to dry out I do mist a bit).

Depending upon ambient relative humidity, my seedlings sometimes don’t get any water poured on them for the first two weeks and by then it is almost time to transplant. The soil is moist when I put the seeds in.

Again, looks really good so whatever you are doing is working very well. Keep it up.


I just read your grow journal, well most of it. You’re awesome and I’m glad to hear you’re doing better health wise :).

After reading your journal I connected my space heater (aimed into the tent) to a thermostat in the tent set to 78. I think I’ve been running too cool just leaving it between 70 - 80. I’m trying to stand on your shoulders a bit here :).

I’m def. confused about RH, suggestions are all over, I’ve got it to around 50 for now. It seems like for seedlings people like to go pretty high up on the RH, I’ve also read that at over 50% RH the stomata are no longer able to do something (I honestly forgot what it was, the amount of info is immense).


Temperature and humidity are tied together (thus Relative Humidity)…

For most of the grow I target 75 F for temperature and use a Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) chart to determine the relative humidity to control to. My system controls the A/C unit and the dehumidifier.

About four weeks into flower I start driving the rH as low as I can hoping to get down to 40 - 45 %.

Wow, if you read most of my journal you must have been really bored, the journal covers nearly two years of multiple grows.

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Here is one of the VPD charts that I use…

The green zone is best but the pale blue and yellow areas are workable. The area of the chart that is desirable is determined by what phase of growth you are in.

The red/pink areas are where you start to get into trouble.

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And here is another…

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Having a system to control it surely sounds nice, I’ve seen things like that being sold but it’s not in the budget at the moment (I’m a software eng and kind of have an idea of how I’d want to build my own eventually).

I need to stop buying medicine so I can afford some of these other things :).

Getting the RH down shouldn’t be a problem for flowering, keeping it up, with heat, has been a challenge early on - lol, like since I put the heater on I mean, I’m closer to 80 now but lost 5 points in RH, which makes sense. I’m going to experiment with putting the humidifier inside the tent. (I have space challenges, it’s a 2x2x60 in a closet and it’s TIGHT).

Not bored at all, I didn’t read every post, I read your first setup, into the changes you made for the 2nd one then I skipped a bunch because I wanted to see how it turned out but got side tracked with your health issues, then I wanted to come back here and say Hi, awesome story and I’m glad that you’re feeling better and back into growing!

I’ve been reading a lot of grow journals though, it’s been filling my time when it shouldn’t be lol.

Thanks for sharing that chart, I appreciate it.


I am a retired EE (also a software engineer) and spent a number of years working in Industrial Automation. I use an industrial PLC to control my entire grow operation with includes one Room and two tents with A/C and dehumidification in each area.

I have a temperature/humidity transmitter in each space to keep the temp and rH under control.

Besides equipment cost, the other obstacle for most folks is the programming.


Here is a photo of my system before I cleaned up the wiring…

And here is the “Main” screen of my control panel (touch screen)…

The system has evolved and been modified since these photos from over a year ago.


A less expensive but perfectly good way to accomplish much the same thing would be to use a “Programmable Relay”. The downside is less expandability and fewer options for a control panel.

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Dude, you are beyond legit!

My low tech version is a Bluetooth hygrometer / thermostat that I can monitor from my phone (with notifications set on bounds), a thermostat with a remote outlet (controlling a space heater), a timer on the light.

Eventually I plan to use several relays and sensors. I’m no where near sure on all of the hardware yet but I’m thinking of something like an old iPhone or adruino (research just starting).

I eventually want to use machine learning on photos so the system can adjust itself based on analysis of the plant / env and what patterns it can find on the leaves + data from sensors (real time and historical) etc. (Some ideas I know how to make now, some I don’t, but this is also a fun part of this project for me).

I’d like to put a plant into a tent and then hit the start button one day :).

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LOL, compared to what you are thinking, mine is pretty basic.

A PLC configured with IIOT (Industrial Internet Of Things) would likely do most of what you envision with less hardware development needed.

You would then just need to develop the machine vision/learning code.

I had thought about doing something like that but once I got the system running, the environment is maintained so tightly that I just don’t run into issues very often.

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In my system, I select the appropriate screen, “Enable” the grow space, Select growth mode (veg/flower) and away it goes.

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That makes sense, worry about A so you don’t need B. :slight_smile:

This is all a dream at the moment but a fun one to think about. Maybe I can just make it send me photos every 6 minutes so I can get back to my day job lol.

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