Springtails Please Help!

My mother plant is planted in a 15 litre pot in a peat perlite and vermiculite mix, growing indoors. I noticed that she starting yellowing and leaves started hanging. After inspection I found springtails in my soil (soilless mix). After my research I found that they say springtails is beneficial for creating organic soil. Since I don’t have an organic grow there cant be any benefit to me. I must say when looking at her my gut tells me that these little buggers are probably feeding on roots hairs. I have tried Neem drench I have tried mild peroxide solution and SM-90. But they are still there!!!

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I had critter problems and used Insect Dust Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer that I found at Home Depot. Had to mail order it as the stores do not carry it. A lot of bigger nurseries have it in stock. It is safe for plants and makes the bugs DEAD fast. MAKE SURE you get the food grade, it can be used on all crawling pests. Just a suggestion.


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Oh, that’s a big issue. The plants really need proper care otherwise the pests
might eat them up. I suggest you to hire Pest control Port Macquarie firm if
you want to protect your plants.

Food Grade DE is a perfect solution. Good answer. :slight_smile: