Springtails and treatment

I have a plant about to start wk6 flower,and have been trying to rid it of spring tails.The plant is in coco,and noticed white specs in run off,and closer look confirmed spring tails.Local hydro shop sold me sm-90,said to use 5ml per gal.for a week,then cut back 2.5ml gal thruout.Been runnin 5mll for 3wks still spring tails alive in run off.Soo my guestion is can anyone tell me if a mixture of 5ml neem oil,and 6oz of the sm-90 mixed with 32oz water will get rid of the spring tails.THIS is what I did this morning,poured enough of the mix to wet maybe top inch or so,I waited 15min and watered 2gal of half strength nutes thru the plant,then I sprayed the top of the coco.Can anyone give me any info if what I did is going to harm my plant,will it kill the springers,and if not what to do.Te spring tails have not hurt my plant at all,just dont want them in tent,or to infest my other tent,THEY GOT TO GO.

I’ll tag some smarter people that might know. @Niala would know but he’s been away so hopefully he sees this. @garrigan62 or @Hogmaster might know as well.

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I had to go look at what a springtail was, so I’m sorry that I can’t help. Hopefully one of members tagged above can help.

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Hope this helps

Potted Plants (Soil)
•Springtails enter homes through window screens, open doors and windows, vent pipes or in potted plants. They are attracted to indoor moisture, especially as the outdoors dries. They may be attracted to light, entering through windows, under doors or through cracks in the foundation.
•Keep springtails away from your home by keeping leaves, grass and other organic matter away from the foundation. Fill every crack the foundation may have, even beneath the soil line as possible. Make sure seals around windows and doors are tight.
•Use crawling insect killers with diatomaceous earth to repel the pests around places where they might enter.
•Springtails frequently occur in the soil of potted plants. Inspect the potting mixture of every plant you intend to bring home by testing it with your thumbs and watching for springing. Lichen or other soil covers that are organic food sources for the pests should be examined carefully. Be especially cautious if plants show signs of excess moisture. If you suspect insect activity, quarantine house plants, preferably outside, to allow the soil to completely dry before bringing them in.
•Letting soil dry completely as possible is the best way to deal with infested pots already in the home.
•Sprinkle Safer Brand diatomaceous earth on potted soils to help them dry and to repel springtails.
•If infestations in potted plants persist, use a non-toxic, biodegradable soil drench to kill and repel the bugs. (More than one application may be required.)
•After a hot day, they may congregate on the side of a building in tremendous numbers, increasing the chance of indoor infestation. If you spot an infestation inside or out, use a wet -dry shop-vac with a small amount of soapy water in its collection tank to vacuum them up.
•Use fans to thoroughly dry any area of the house, including inside walls (as possible) where springtails have been found. Repair roof leaks, cracks in siding and any other places where moisture might enter the house.
•Keep areas around sink faucets and drains clear and clean of molds and other growth that might used as a food source. Remove scum and hair from beneath sink drains. If you suspect springtails in your drain pipes, clean as thoroughly as possible and rinse them with vinegar. (Never pour any type of pesticide down a drain.)
•House plant soil, especially those with lichen or moss, can be a hotbed of springtail reproduction. Inspect any potted houseplants you buy for signs of infestation before bringing them inside. Once inside the house, don’t over water. Allowing soil to dry completely between watering discourages them from staying around.


Thank you for your tme,and before research I thought what I was seeing were thrip larvae,they look similar.I thought thrips were on leaves,and finding info like what you provided led me to discover what a springtail was,and to ease my nerves I wasnt in danger of disaster.I think I carried the springtails to my plant when I cleaned my gutters hanging x-mas lights,I always wash my hands but the little things must have been on my clothes.Glad it was springtails not anything else,that made me think.ANYWAY do you think what I mixed,and how I applied it would be a soil drench,will it kiill the bugs or my plant,and should I stop,or keep doing it.