Spring Planting, A cutting


Last year around, August I had a branch break off one of my plants. I rooted it and have another plant. I have very limited indoor space, but I am trying to keep this plant alive till spring. It was just starting to flower, and now has gone back to being just a plant. It had put on new growth.
I do also plan on some seeds. Just a fyi
My question is will the plant since it will be so much bigger than the others grow bigger?
I live around Chicago, and our growing season is limited. I have been growing for about 3 year, this will be my 4th and my first year was a great success, 2ed year total failure and this year was not bad. The last two years have been in a new area since moved and will from now on mostly growing in 10 gallon pots.
I now have a spot that the soil is not good, so im using the pots, but gets enough sun, and i use fox farm 3 step for my plants.
Any tips or ideas would be good. Id really like to hear from those people around my area.


@dbrn32 @Familyman I think are near your area. Size of the pot and plant genetics will determine the size tho :v::bear:


I don’t grow outside, but I’m in your neck of woods for sure. I think our frost free date is usually sometime end of April. You wouldn’t want to go outside sooner than that. I would suspect a plant vegged indoors for 4 months would be pretty damn big. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad?

You could always try rooting cuttings from your plant around early March if you’re concerned. That would give you solid amount of time to get them going, yet be reasonably sized moving outdoors.


I’m about 5 hours south and only grow inside. I’ve thought about it here but I feel like the humidity would get my crop long before I ever got any of it.


I had to put my plants outside last year in early April. I’m in MA. I put them under a clear storage tote up against my foundation where it gets full sun. They survived and even grew. We even got snow while they were outside. I don’t think it got colder than 20. If you put it in a greenhouse in a sunny spot you can put it out early. Just keep it alive until spring and it will get huge once transplanted.


Once it starts growing good again in spring you could take clones off it. They will have plenty of time to grow out. They will still flower at same time they always do no matter how old plant is. I usually start seeing pistils on my outside plants around 2nd week of August.


i have been growing outdoors for 3 yrs this will be my 4th.
I had a cutting/branch fall off of big bud. I am trying to keep it alive till spring. than plant it outside.
The seeds I will start around the end of feb.
Than plant outdoors around the 2ed week of May.


I so far have had good success.
The first year i had 3 plants and had a really good yield
2ed year in a new growing area total loss.
now this past year i switched to mostly pots and didnt do to bad.
What are your thoughts on .putting a cutting from last year back outside.
would i get a better yield?
its from big bud