Spring is Coming

I’ve been down for a while. Looking at getting back to work. I would like to dedicate this post to learning to grow outdoors. I have successfully got a hold on indoor growing and looking to learn more.Anyone have some good tips for outdoor grows in the Midwest?


legal or gorilla?

It depends if you’re going to use your backyard or if you’re going to do it somewhere out in the woods are you going to do directly in ground or you going to put in 10-15 gallon pots


Going to be in the back yard in 15 gallon buckets.

Nice plants. What strains?

Blue dream she was a big girl

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@smokethatwisdom Well to be honest I would use foxfarm ocean soil and get yourself some beans and get started on germinating they will practically take care of themselves the first few months and won’t need any nutrients you won’t have to worry about putting them outside for another month or two but you can get them started inside and solo cups since you’ve grown indoors before get them started we’ve had some of the best weather ever and now it’s gonna get cold again so I’m in the same boat is you my friend

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Yeah we’re still months away from last frost here DownEast but I’ve got 6 for me and 6 for Mrs Willd started in ProMix BX under a little 2-bulb T5 fixture. Never grown in buckets so can’t comment on that.

I typically dig 24-36"dia x 24" deep holes and fill 3:1 with ProMix:homemade compost. Side dress with compost every 2-3 weeks as mulch and feed.

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