Spray nutrients on buds?

A question from a fellow grower;

Hi Robert my question is my marijuana plant is budding do can i spray some nutrients on them or just let them finish budding the reason why I’m asking is my plant been growing for 9 months in pots outside it’s getting cold so I had to being them inside the house will they continue to grow ? They seem like there dying but half buded

spraying nutrients (foliage feeding) should be done in veg stage and first 4 weeks of flower. if you spray -just use water no nutrient’s

Very good. Not a fan of foliar either; Unless, you have an issue that requires the process.

If it appears that your plant is dying, then you are at harvest time; Or, Real close. keep the dead leaves from building up and causing environmental issues. Perhaps gently run your hands through the foliage and remove any weak leaves.

As mentioned above. Nothing but water from here. A few days will do.

Also; If you really want to know how ready the buds are, research “trichomes”. Peace