Spotty leaves need help

good morning
I have 4 plants I

started the 12/12 cycle about 3 weeks ago and all has been going great all through the grow until now. most of the leaves have spotting on them. I looked up to diagnose your plants and matching the type of spots it looks like a calcium deficiency? I am attaching pics of the leaves and the whole plant
the PH is 6.5, temp in the room is 75 and humidity is 32
on the site it says you can use a Cal-Mag?
please need any help or suggestions on what i need to do

I’m new here but I can tell you that Cal /Mag is a nutrient, used for Calcium and Magnesium feeding of your plants. Can get it on amazon. As far as whats going on with your plant, I’ll leave that to the pros.


Thanks for chiming @SeaSeaside_guy1 very correct. MyFriend got him hooked up on another thread. But :+1:t5: Good call


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