Spotty leaves. Need help

Noticed this spotting recently. She doesnt seemed to be effected by it because shes growing faster than ever. Im hoping its just stress spots from the transplant. I know im not going to get a for sure answer due to not having a decent ph meter other than my soil probe that ive heard are useless. As well as the light i have is pretty weak. Any suggestions welcome. Anyway here’s photos:

I would fill out a support ticket For the best assistance possible.
Check for pests.

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Try this link to my post it may help?

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Support ticket would be great!

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think you have water spots… take a moist paper towel and rub on the leaves.

the plant looks great. keep it going and she will make you grin. :cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

I think were all good. New leaves doubled in size and no sign of spotting.

I’m trying to find out some leaf issues too I’m new to the site and mobile make my searching hard

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@AzraelAngel07 Im on mobile as well but the people on here are great! Very helpful. Im still very new to the site as well but theyve guided me through it.