Spotting/strips on leaves

Hi guys, first time grower here! I need some help identifying the problem with my plant. It has this rather orange? brown? maybe yellow stripes/spots and i can’t for the life of me figure out what it is. I’ve searched everywhere with no solutions. I really need to fix this because it seems to be only getting worse. new leaves are suffering as well. Anyone know what this is? if so, I really would appreciate the help
ph is 6.5
strain is a sativa.

Check the undersides of the leaves with a jeweler’s loupe or magnifier, micro spots seen from above could be a tell tale there’s something leching from below.

If they are mites, rest assured they can be eradicated, but only with due diligence and consistence, lame approaches will only prolong the problem or insure it reemerges further on in time.

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@Shatter @k2exe Had some of that and couldn’t get rid of it,I got invested so I used The Amazing Dr. Zymes and did a soil drench about every 5 days for 3 or 4 times I think is was just 3 and don’t forget to do a foliate spray each time and dont let the lights hit it,if you are humid then 1 to 2 hrs before lights on and if arid to 60 percent humidity with good air circ. You can do it after lights out,the soil drench wont matter just the foliage. It is OMRI and can even be sprayed on the flowers,but I don;t think I would unless you just had to for mildew or something,this does work,it is amazing as it say’s a bit expensive but they grow these enzymes just for this.

Oh and almost forgot to tell you that it is actually shelf stable,I liked the qt. So much that I bought a gal. To shelve.

I have a habenaro pepper formula I made for insect spray, all natural, my brother proceeded to drink a glass believing it was ice tea! I would have marked the one gallon ice tea bottle I used, but it was wet and permanent markers don’t work on wet surfaces! It was the thought that counted. Poor bastard…


Oh crap,I have a bottle of that in my John Deer room,laughing my ass off right now,LOL

Hey @Shatter you ever spayed it on buds and tried to smoke them,just wondering what would happen,I mean I like hot spicy stuff but never thought about bud,LOL


Problem is now solved. No, there is no signs of insects. Talked to someone on here that actually understood what was going on lmao. Researched it thoroughly and is in fact a ph inbalance. Thanks for the advise none the less lol

if you’re referring to the white spots, no its not insects. I sprayed baking soda all over it because at first, i thought it was some kind of fungus. I can assure you there is no pests lurking anywhere. thanks for helping tho!