Spotting on the leaves

So the plant has been going great but I hit a speed bump. So for about the past month I’ve been watering with pH safe water and adding fox farms product at night. The past couple days I was out of pH safe water and used the cleanest that I had in my house witch still tested high 6s low 7s I fed them that for about 3 days until I was back to what I had before. A day or two before I switched water I noticed that the leaves were getting brown spots on the center of some of the lower leaves.
I believe this could be from the ph changing to much or a calcium deficiency. What do you think? Its definitely not from nutrient splash or anything I have never hit the leaves with any water. Also this has been the hottest week all year and was about 108 or worse on most days


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Looks to be a potassium maybe phosphorus deficiency. Have you been watering or feeding to run off and testing the PPMS and PH? FF nutrients recommend a flush every 30 days or so and typically only when issues surface :love_you_gesture: