Spotting on Leaves

Aeroponic system. 13 gallons liquid in reservoir.

Seeing brown spots on leaves


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I’m using Cana Nutes. Need tips on Brown Spots.

Cal/mag use some of that

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Will go pick up at World of Organics

Update. Since I reached out for assistance I’ve received some additional recommendation from the owner of my Hydroponic Store. He asked what was my PH. My PH was at approx 6.4 he recommended I bring it down to to 5.6 -5.9 range. not seen/observed any additional blight on new growth. I was told the nutes that I’m using has everything in it needed at this time. Thanks for your support. A learner.

Thanks Tezza2
An update. After further review I discovered that I was not using the correct nutes for my grow. My Canna nutes thatbInwas using were to be used in a soil grow. So I flushed my aeroponic system of 13 gallons of water and started over with Canna Aqua A & B. I will use my Canna Rhizotonic, Terra Flora & Boost on my outdoor girls. Need to confirm if any additional nutes are needed in addition to what I’m using. Saw some browning on 1 leaf.

Looks like a calcium def

Probably the RO water not having enough cal. Thanks will buy a bottle of Canna cal/mag

Terry still seeing some blight however girl has been been blight free for several weeks now. She is flowering stage now. I’m thinking I’ve been heavy handed with my nutes. Your thoughts? Oh I’m m using Canna Aqua A & B. 8ml per gallon of water

There are 2 Gorilla :gorilla: Glue strains & two AutoFlower Bruce Banner’s. The blight is on the top leaf of the Autoflower

Are you giving ur plants any cal/mag it looks like a bit of nute burn but also u have a calcium def i would dial ur nutes back alittle bit and give ur plant se cal/mag in the next few feedings

I contacted my guy that runs the local Hydroponic store and he informed me using the Aqua Canna A & B was all needed.
Will ensure I’m measuring my nutes correctly. My Ph is at 5.7

Hello Tezza2 willing all down under. Good here in Texas. My girls are performing quite well. Starting to see pistils changing color. Thanks for your tips.

Thats not a problem im glad to see ur plants are doing great they look healthy and happy if u have any other questions please dont hesitate to ask any questions

Plan to harvest my Bruce Banner Autoflower this weekend. Getting ready for my spring/summer grow.

It still has alot of white pistols i would check the trichomes before u do anything and it looks like it has to bulk up still

Mr T I noticed the white pistils also. Didn’t know if I needed to wait until they all turn amber. I’ll hold off & observe the pistils at the top.
Also I’m growing 2 Gorilla :gorilla: Glue girls and the buds are not developed like the AutoFlower. Have you grown AutoFlowering girls before?