Spotting on Leaves

Aeroponic system. 13 gallons liquid in reservoir.

Seeing brown spots on leaves


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I’m using Cana Nutes. Need tips on Brown Spots.

Cal/mag use some of that

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Will go pick up at World of Organics

Update. Since I reached out for assistance I’ve received some additional recommendation from the owner of my Hydroponic Store. He asked what was my PH. My PH was at approx 6.4 he recommended I bring it down to to 5.6 -5.9 range. not seen/observed any additional blight on new growth. I was told the nutes that I’m using has everything in it needed at this time. Thanks for your support. A learner.

Thanks Tezza2
An update. After further review I discovered that I was not using the correct nutes for my grow. My Canna nutes thatbInwas using were to be used in a soil grow. So I flushed my aeroponic system of 13 gallons of water and started over with Canna Aqua A & B. I will use my Canna Rhizotonic, Terra Flora & Boost on my outdoor girls. Need to confirm if any additional nutes are needed in addition to what I’m using. Saw some browning on 1 leaf.

Looks like a calcium def

Probably the RO water not having enough cal. Thanks will buy a bottle of Canna cal/mag