Spotting and curling in flower. Any thoughts?

Left for a week with a caretaker and came back to this. Nutes 8 days ago and sweetener 3 days ago with their waterings.

I am novice as all in this and I probably shouldn’t even chime in but look into leaf septoria I believe it is called.
Just my 2 cents worth but a bro of mine grows quite a bit and his had septoria once. As I remember, it looked just like yours.
No idea what he did to rectify or how it happened.
Hopefully I am wrong!

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Looking to be a reasonable suggestion. Thank you!

I had a similar issue, but I managed to catch it early, I just got some cal-Mag as my Bloom and Grow wasn’t enough and it fixed the issue, but I’m also a novice so take it as you please :joy:

I am using GH Flora Nova bloom and nectar. Sounds like I’m lacking a bit in cal mag. Still think I’ll have to do a trim on the bad leaves, and spray with neem too.

I checked in with my bro and he said he used a copper fungicide spray but I’d definitely check with someone way more in tune with issues in plants before treatment. Hate to see misdiagnosis do more damage than good.
Didn’t ask and he didn’t say whether he defoliated affected leaves but he did say take care of it soon if it is septoria
Good luck

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What are the affected areas, is it mostly the top and is it on most of the plant?

Gidday. That late into thing could be potassium def. They need LOTS during the end. Got plenty going in?

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Only one plant and it’s at the top leaves.

Very well could be the issue. Need to up the amounts. Going to take some run off readings tomorrow.

What kind of light is it and how much power is running. Had the same lookong stuff goong on treated like a calmag def and found out it was sun burn. If all tops got the yellow only id try calmag and dim down lights a bit. Or raise them up. Mine looked just loke it and progressivly got worse looking leaves til we figured out sun burn. I could be wrong on the sun urn but could be right also. @Covertgrower moght be able to ring in and let u know thays who told me and got mine fixed


Feed em. They are deficient with many nutes. Potasium is the spots. The light green correlates to many others.

Do you have purple stripes down stalks as well ?

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You using the 3 part series, flora bloom flora micro flora gro? It’s suppose to be a 3-2-1 nutrient line

3 part bloom
2 part micro
1 part gro

For flower, you’ll also need to provide your plant with the rest of the lineup - calimagic (cal/mag) and the rest are optional

Armor si
And whatever else I can’t remember off top of my head

You should always add cal mag to any feeding or watering. It is a nutrient you always need

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Don’t use copper in flower! Don’t use neem oil in flower

You will be smoking these products!


Other than u listed for gh nutes tge only other ones i have are liquid kool bloom and dry kool bloom. For gh. There might be more to it but tge mains are all listed that i k ow of. Def use calmag with every water and with nutes as theu dont contail cal or mag in them i believe


Also @Mark0427 would you smoke the copper spray?

300w LED. About 12” from the top of the canopy. Non-dimmable, sadly. Both plants are the same height yet this affects only one.

I’m using the flora nova series. It’s supposed to be a one bottle feed. Here’s the ingredients.

Overall I think I need to take some readings so I can see where it sits. I’ll feed them tonight and test my runoff and compare to prefeed numbers.

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