Spotted yellow leaves

Sativa strain, nature soil/ compost,
FF nutes. 6-7 wk of flowering, ph 6.5
Got like 6 wks to go. Mid section of the plant leaves not bad, does concern me though.
Any help or ideas

I wish I could answer but your leaves look exactly like mine …the shape …lol

Maybe just the plant taking nutrients from them ?
Doesn’t look like pests or even a deficiency really …

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Check pH and make sure you have cal mag on hand. It looks like mid stage magnesium deficiency.

There are people around who know, be patient

Thank you

There are definitely people who know …
I’m a noob at cannabis but like to think I may have a green thumb …

And to me …if that’s the worst you have outdoors in 6-7th week of flowering …your probably fine
You did say midsection of the plant …

I’m in almost the 4th week and already notice big changes in the energy of the plant
The midsection lower leaves are becoming less important to the plant …they don’t look the same lively foliage searching out the sun that they once were …if the buds and new growth are healthy I’d say it’s probably not even worth messing with …

I’m sure someone will have the answer in a second and that’s what’s great about this place …

Hope you sort it out

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Can we see the entire plant by chance please

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Mine is suffering for some heat stress i have no idea 4 week veg auto blue it was perfect yesterday, you think will recover??