Spots, slight yellowing, a couple of dried brown tips?

I’m looking at so much on Google I’m dizzy. Do I have a calcium and phosphorus issue? Water? Oxygen? Or way off. Im battling super hot and sometimes humid sometimes super dry air with tons of forest fire smoke for weeks now causing air quality issues. Any input is so very much appreciated. I’m a newbie and this is my beautiful accident. :heart_eyes: Just trying to keep her alive.

I should probably note she only gets sun for the first half of the day as she is facing east on my patio.

Water spots. Don’t sweat it


From water being on the leaves or me giving her too much? Thank you much!

Yep from water being on the leaves, u need to b a bit more careful.

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Noted. Thats a relief to hear. Thank you kindly :slight_smile: Otherwise…how does it look to you guys overall? It’s either fruity pebbles (pretty small though so doubt it) C4 or Yoda og but I can’t remember which one as I had just flicked a seed into a tomato plant and here we are :woman_shrugging::love_you_gesture:

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Looks healthy to me but I’m still a greenhorn

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Looks like cannabis to me, from looking at the leaves perhaps an Indica strain. U gots a touch of stretching going on but that can be dealt with. Lower ur light a bit, r turn it down if it’s adjustable. Otherwise looks good, plenty of room to grow. Peace

Yup, water on her leaves. No issues and is super healthy overall. If it were my girl I would turn her 180 daily to try and get even sun on all her cells. As she gets bigger she’s going to need more light exposure for sure. Looking great!