Spots showing up on my leavlea

These spots started showing up?
I have a dwc
The strands are liberty haze and peyote.
The nutrients recently was way too low it was at 400ppm but i up it.
The ph stays between 5.5 and 6.2

Im not a hydro guy but would think it has to do witj ph swings
@Dieselgrower can you assit here
Or @peachfuzz


I’ve ran hydro a few times and when I did I was using a blurple light. It may be a calcium issue. I know sometimes that running hydro or even the blurple lights that you may have to supplement either calcium or calmag. I would add it every other time or everytime I changed the res. Fill out a support ticket as well and some of the more knowledgeable growers can help out more :v::+1:


Are you using ro water? If so , then yes you should be adding cal-mag…
You never mentioned room temps , humidity or water temps…
Ppm would be fine at 500 to 600 ppm assuming your starting from 0 ppm or at leas under 20 ppm… :wink:



You can also help her with something for your roots to double…

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To prevent marijuana nutrient deficiencies and weed leaf symptoms. If you’re using good cannabis nutrients but you’re still seeing cannabis leaves with spots or cannabis leaves turning yellow, it’s probably the pH so act immediately


The humidity is at 60%, the temp in the tent is 26.1 c, and the water is 71.6f