Spots on some leaves

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"My ph is 6.0 range in hydro first week into flowering of my blubbery. Spots on some leaves. Most of those leaves are yellowing and dying. My gold leaf fem looks amazing. Same nutes, same water both on Scrog. Any advice is very appreciated.

I took this picture a couple of days ago. My temperatures are between 70 with the lights out and 80° max with them on.

Blue berry looks great. Gold leaf is great. I’m worried about the newer blueberry.

I read what you sent to me and I think maybe I have a phosphorus deficiency.

I’m growing this 1 blue berry automatic. I’m using a 5 gallon bucket no reservoir. Indoor. 2 LED lights that are 600 watts a piece. Day time the lights are off and the temperature ranges from 69-79°
Night time from 75-80°; 44% to 77% humidity; 4 inch fan with scrubber for ventilation. AC blows in my tent no humidifier or dehumidifier. No co2 :frowning: I have the setup for it but my regulator broke!

I live in South Florida and I love ILGM :grin: I grow on a Scrog and I’m also growing a gold leaf with my blue berry but the gold leaf is growing perfectly! Also I’m using all of the hydro Fox farm nutes including their new Rasta gringo line. Thank you for your help! I hope I solved my problem with adding big bloom but I am a noob. This is my second grow."


@ktreez420 and @Donaldj are both hydro guys and I’ll let them help you
Might want to get ph info for them as well

I see no mention of ppm ? they aren’t that big so I am hoping you are not using their feed chart but there is more than 1 thing which will make your leafs look like that so more details are needed res temp? additives? last time you checked ph meter was calibrated?

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Seem very small for flowering??! To put them in a full feeding schedule at that size would seem to b dangerous. I guess im used to a good thick healthy stalk before flowering don’t seem like they would have the girth to hold good bud. Correct me if I’m wrong.