Spots on seedlings

first time grower here and have these spots on my seedlings narrowed it down to what I think the problem is but wanted some experienced people’s opinions

Nothing wrong with the plant.

I don’t think you have any worries just being overly protective like most first timers. I see a cut off leaf, did you clone? More pics more pics… welcome to the site btw…good.luck keep it green :v:

Appreciate the quick feedback. You’re def right about me being over protective about it. I’m trying to stay ahead of the game when it comes to any pests or deficiencies. Thank you

As far as pics I have some clones and seedlings 5 in total in dif stages that are under an mh right now. Process of setting up a small veg tent in a 3x3 with a t5. For seedlings and plants in the small veg state. This 5x5 will mostly be for flower but working with what I got for now will send pics soon