Spots on one plant

these were potted on 7/23rd have some brown spots on a couple of leaves on one plant. What’s if from?
Otherwise, need opinions on first grow so far

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Plants look great overall!! I believe you can chalk up your leaf spots to either water or nutrient splash from feeding.

That’s leaf miner damage, but doesn’t look like it’ll be an issue unless you see it progressing.


Thank you

Last pic shows leaf miner damage. Easy solve. Captain Jack’s Bug spray takes care of most parasites. Also last pic needs a larger container…looks small. Unless it’s 5 gallons and I can’t see to be sure.

Keep doing LST…looks good.

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Tis leafminers (little caterpillar devils) Captain Jacks (like Tan the Man said) and diligent leaf searchs are the answer

I would agree.

Cut off that affected leaf. Then spray away.