Spots on my leves

Grow Light

My Room
Siol & bucket
Plant Pic’s and Hight bout 20" now.
okie thats my Pic’s Here is my story. I didn’t have the $$$ for the nutz they sugested at the shop I got the plant. My big question is "Is my Light going to be enough for my plant, This my first so slap me easy tnks apericeat the help… mj…

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If I’m reading that right, you’re using a 14w LED? You’re gonna need something a little stronger. I’m using a 600w for my 2 plants.

The light was advertised as 400 watt output. now I can’t find it online lol.

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Try and find a model number on the light and gooogle it.

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And the white patch’s look like a type of mold? Closer pictures of the white would help

Thats the problem with cheap led lights they will say replaces a such and such but really they do not compare. I would spend $70 and grab a 300w led mezhi or something along those lines. You will be highly disappointed with the yield from 14 watts imo