Spots on my leaves and how to best utilize the space I have

Hi, the advice I’ve gotten here is hard to place a value on. Thanks again. First off I was wondering if anyone knew the cause of a few golden/brown spots on the leaves of one of my seedlings? Secondly, with 8 plants in a 5 X 8 X 7 room, what kind of training if any, can I do to increase yield in the space I have? On my first grow I had good luck with pinching and scrogging, but that was only with 2 plants in the room. Should I shorten the veg. time to avoid overcrowding with 8 plants? Can I pinch and or scrogg them without running out of room?


I would either Manifold or Lollipop.


Thanks. I’m familiar with lollipopping, but I’ll have to look into the other technique on Youtube.


Plenty room. Right now i have 6 auto flowering and 7 photo vegging 4x8. When auto done ill flip the 7. I just fimm to stop height. No lst lately. Just straight up.