Spots on my auto, please help

Hi growmies. I’ve noticed some spots start to develop on my auto and they’re pretty dark, almost black. It’s only on a few leaves. Someone’s said it could be leaf septoria but I’d like to get a few more opinions. She’s also been drooping a bit, unsure why. Please let me know. Here’s some pics:

Just in case: I am growing in 70/15/15 soil of FFOF, Perlite, and coco coir all in that order. I haven’t fed her yet however last time I checked ppms they were at about 700, but I might’ve watered too fast because the watering before they were at around 2000.

Here’s two more pics of the plant as a whole

Have you checked your ph in and out? What is your watering schedule? :blush::v:


I think it may have to do with VPD, I’ll give it a go with the correct VPD for a few days and see if anything fixes, if not we’ll go from there!

And yes @Ickey I’ve purchased a Infrared Gun just for you

Yes I’ve checked both! and my watering schedule is just water until 15-20% runoff and then wait until dry

Hey, @Sammys. I am actually glad that you are giving the IR gun a try. Their ability to point and shoot is great. I just question their accuracy on differing surfaces.
I am not an expert grower just an experienced grower. I have seen that droopy look when the roots are too dry or when constantly overwatering. You seem to have ruled out both of these. As I am sure you already know, if your soil is really dry when watering. Pre moisten the soil with about 1/4 of the water you intend to use. Wait about 30 minutes then finish watering.
The only other time that I have seen this, (Droopy thing with spots) was when I had the humidifier in the tent, (I know we have talked about this before).
If you are presently using a humidifier, and can actually see it’s discharged air coming out of it. It is probably too much moisture mist in the tent. When I moved the humidifier to the outside of the tent. The leaves started to flatten out and looked much better within a day.
I think that some of the mist collects on the leaves before it evaporates into the air, and as a result this reduces the plant’s transpiration, while not shows excessive humidity on the hydrometer.

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Are you sure it’s the humidifier? I have good airflow in the tent, it shouldn’t be spreading too much humidity like crazy

I am just saying this is what happened to me. Do you feel comfortable with just cutting the humidifier off during one day cycle and see if it helps? If it does you may can rearrange the recirculating fan and humidifier. So that the fan picks up the humidifier’s output before it blows on the plants.
Also my tent is small(2x3).
If the path that I am going down here is correct. I would think that it would show up in the problem area in on one of the leaf temperature VPD calculation things.

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I already removed my humidifier however the VPD is gonna be way too high. I should probably spray the walls to keep some sort of humidity in there

I don’t want to get you in trouble here. What is the current temperature and humidity?

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Also can you place a temperature/hydrometer, (Like I posted a picture of in your other thread). Next to your plants and compare it’s reading to your VPD control reading?

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I already have one in and my temps/humidity vary if I have humidifier on / off, inside/outside the tent, etc, what would you like to know?

What is the portable hydrometer reading out for temperature & humidity?

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Right now I have it at 61% humid at 76 degrees F

That should be good enough, just using the VPD Chart without any leaf temp offset, your VPD transpiration rate should be 1.1, or right in that range. What is your VPD control sayings it is?

Was at around 1.03 but temps are a bit diff now around 77-78 Fahrenheit at around. 62% humidity

Sounds like where I would want my tent to be at. The chart was landing between 1.02 to 1.08, and I rounded up.
You may want to consider this. Forgot about the VPD for a day or two, and try to just maintain 60% humidity or a bit lower. And see if there isn’t an improvement in your plants. I have have found that my babies do best at 60%, instead of pushing so much moisture into the tent when tying for 70-75%.
Also I think you said that you now have an intake fan, and it sounds like you may have already moved the humidifier to it’s intake. This is also a good move if so.

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Yeah I’m gonna lead the intake fan outside of my tent since it’s in a closet, then put the humidifier near the intake. I honestly think this will fix my intake humidity issues as it’ll take a while to travel in and then the in-line fan inside can exhaust excess humidity