Spots on leaves toxicity or deficiency

First time I’ve had them in normal light in awhile and seeing some spots

ILGM white widow

Coco/perlite 5 gal fabric pots

PH of runoff : 5.9

What is strength of nutrient mix? Ph perfect for coco. 1/2 oz A&B bloom, 1/4 oz big bud
@ 1200 ppm


2 - 600 HPS & 1 900w LED (426w actual)

Temps; 79-80 day. / 75 night

Humidity; Day 43 / night 52

Ventilation system; Yes, 6” exhaust/ 4” intake for heat, 4” exhaust 4” intake for humidity

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifer : no

Co2 : no

Overall plants

Overall they look gorgeous. Dont sweat the lil beauty marks. Your PH is perfect. Ur ppms are right on point (at least to me, maybe high to some) n she is a bushy beast. All i would recommend is a bit of pruning (any leaves blocking light, low lieing-wont be much anyway buds, and anything you think would help air flow better) and dpnt go crazy. Just a few.


I was worried they were looking a little to green. But I’m 4 weeks into flower and she’s not getting all that much nitrogen.

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They are a deep green but some plants just are. No worries. If it was N you’d have some burnt tips and/or clawing (curling down)

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Yes, she’s a little dark, but you’re at week four. Most taper the N by week 6. She’ll be fine.

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