Spots on leaves not sure what's wrong

I put this plant along with three others outdoors last Wednesday I just noticed today that one plant is covered with brownish red spots. Does anyone know what could be the cause?

A magnesium deficiency,
Here is a pic


as manganese deficincies are mostly characterized
by interveinal chlorosis which is a yellowing of the leaves between the
veins with the veins remaining green. The browning spots is called marginal
necrosis which is usually caused by a calcuim or magnesium deficiency.

A magnesium deficiency can be quickly resolved by watering with 1 tablespoon
Epsom salts/gallon of water. Until you can correct nutrient lockout, try foliar
feeding. That way the plants get all the nitrogen and Mg they need. The plants
can be foliar fed using ½ teaspoon/quart of Epsom salts (first powdered and
dissolved in some hot water). When mixing up soil, use 2 teaspoon dolomite lime
per gallon of soil.
If the starting water is above 200 ppm, that is pretty hard water, that will
lock out mg with all of the calcium in the water. Either add a 1/4 teaspoon per
gallon of epsom salts or lime (both will effectively reduce the lockout or invest
into a reverse osmosis water filter.
Mg can get locked-up by too much Ca, Cl or ammonium nitrogen. Don’t overdo Mg or
you’ll lock up other nutrients.

Calcium deficiencies are difficult to distinguish visually as excess calcium may
produce deficiencies in magnesium and potassium.

Thanks I am still new at this can I use cal’mag

Yup. Or epsom salt. Are u growing ‘organically’ or using nutes like AN , NFTG, GH…

I’m trying to stay chemical free been using foxfarm but I do have Epsom salt thanks

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