Spots on leaves need help

Go easy on me this is my first grow and I am in need of some help. Started seeing some spots on some of my leaves. Only on the top 3rd of the plant though. LSD strain 4th week of flower, Fox farms coco mix with extra perlite, FF nutes fed at their suggested amounts on charts, mars hydro tsw2000, PH’d water at 6.0, soil ph is 6.5. Spots showed up and I did a flush with PH’d water and 1/2 strength nutes. Spots still starting to show up on on the leaves closer to the top. Any help would be great.

Could be a bit of calcium deficiency. Being in the 4th week, that’s when that typically shows. Top half of the plant suggest its recent.

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I agree with covert. I’d add 5ml of calmag to a gallon of water next feeding, give it 2 or 3 days, see how she reacts.


Thats kind of what I was thinking. I am unfortunately in an unfriendly area and no calmag in town. I have some coming, but won’t arrive until Thursday. Is there anything I can use as a crutch until then? I have some calcium dust for my frogs. Only ingredient listed is precipitated calcium carbonate. Its in powder form. Can i use like a tiny pinch in the water? Or do I run the risk of putting too much in?