Spots on leaves during flowering!? Help! (Week 7 Autoflower)

Hey everyone,

Recently I installed a new light (QB 260 HLG KIT) during the flowering phase of my plant (it’ll be 7 weeks in a couple days). My original light was only rated 100w true wattage.
The plant looked completely dry the other day so I watered it around a gallon, and then an hour later all the leaves drooped for probably around a whole day. Did I overwater it and now I’m paying the price? Could it be the change of light is too intense?
Any idea what these spots are on the leaves?

Strain: Gorilla Glue #4
Temp: 75-82 degrees
Humidity: 50-60%
Light: HLG QB 260 KIT
Soil: Pre-made mix from Pot for Pot
Setup: Indoor 32x32x63 grow tent with inline fan + carbon filter

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That might be Cal-Mag deficiency. let me tag someone with more experience @MrPeat can u help


It could be Cal-mag as one problem. But its showing Phosphorus deficiency. That is the black spots. I don’t think nothing else causes the black spots.

The real expert is @Myfriendis410. Tag, you’re it.

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So the last week 2 weeks I started using filtered BRITA water again. I’m wondering if using the unfiltered tap water was actually better for my plant. I don’t use nutrients and feed it anything, as the pot soil I was given was part of a kit that apparently has all the nutrients necessary.

What size is that pot. She may have already used up the phosphorus in the soil.

5 lb pot

That shouldn’t be it then…

I don’t see anything about the PH of your water. Are you checking and correcting PH? I had a similar issue with my first plant but not as bad, it started getting some rust brown spots on some of the leaves and turned out to be my PH was off due to a faulty PH pen.


I am not checking the pH. I’ll get a pH pen today. UPDATE: everything seems to be getting worse. Does this really look like a pH issue?

I had a similar thing on mine and realized that my pen was bad. Once I corrected the PH the problem went away.

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