Spots on hydro- do si do strain

Any one know what might be going on here? We have 4 in flower (2 weeks in), in hydro…only one plant has these spotted leaves…thanks

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Im definitely no expert, but that looks like leaf septoria, a fungal issue.

Maybe google it and see if it sounds like what you have going on, im sure you will have more help soon as well.

Good luck!

Thank you will check on that…

Just making a very uneducated guess I would say 4 weeks in flower she could be starving for phosphorus or phosphate or she could have an excess of either. A different stage of plant might be another issue. So many variables that it could be.

Tell us a little about your grow. Pictures help. If you could fill out a support ticket, that would be a huge help. It’s really hard to know for sure without know details of your grow.

Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

are you using any calcium additive?