Spots on a couple of leaves

Hi my grow has been going very smoothly with my autoflower but just checked on her and she has some spots on some leaves. They weren’t there yesterday evening. I’m wondering whether its a deficiency? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My water is ph of 6.3, I dont check runoff unfortunately. Ill attach a picture. Thanks

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I cant seem to upload an image, says its been uploaded and then when I send its not there. But a couple of leaves have started turning slightly yellow with some brown spots on, hope this helps!

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Ok.just by reading what you wrote , is there anyway you got water on the leaves?

thanks for your response. Its very unlikely as the effected leaves are mid to high on plant and I water with a jug close to the soil

Ok I would need to see it, a way around that photo issue is to use a cell phone and post it from there.example

See where I got water on the tip of that leaf.

I’ll try that now :+1:

No i can’t upload or take pictures for some reason :frowning: