Spots in week 4 of flowering

I am making my first attempt to grow. With no knowledge and a lot of luck I’ve stumbled through to the fifth week of flowering. Thanks to this forum… I’ve been learning as I moved through the stages. My problem is spotting of the leaves. Just within the last couple of weeks. I may have kept feeding the stage 3 (N16 P6 K30) too long. Stopped stage three after 4 weeks flowering

The background is

Grow Tent With LED, Foxfire Happy Frog, Fans (2), and Exhaust Fan through filter. inside W/ air conditioning

ILGM White Widow (Feminized) and Bergman’s Plant Food in reverse Osmosis water.

Thanks for any help you may have.!


Looks like a mix of deficiencies which makes me think it’s going to be a ph issue causing lockout

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A flush and a full feed would be what you want to do. Definitely calcium deficiency.

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Thanks for your response. I flushed the soil and changed from the N16 P6 K30
to N0 P27 K27 plant food. not sure how to correct the problem.


Thanks for your help.


Good advice above, welcome to the community!