Spots in new leaves, thoughts?


could be splashed water when feeding.


I have just transplanted on Mother’s Day from indoor propagation to outdoor fabric pot that had rain water hit soil day prior to transplant. Nighttime still cold in NY with 40-50 degree evening, and potted in happy frog soil. Spots are new, no nutrients given to plant yet…any thoughts appreciated

Your the man!

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Do you have a fan that is moving them any? My last grow my fan was moving the leaves against each other and I had a couple leaves that looked just like that. :blush::v:

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I did have a fan on it…now it’s outdoors…appreciate the feedback!

Looks good to me and agree with Grow Sis @beachglass :love_you_gesture:

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Splashing for watering


Thanks! First grow so all new to me:)

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@Dirtyalbany other than those spots your plants look great and now that you have them outside they’re gonna Hulk out on you lol!!