Spots Identification

First time grow for me. These spots appeared during the seedling phase when there were only two leaves. What are they a sign of? I only watered after a few days as the jiffy pellet was starting to dry out. The number of spots is not increasing so I’m hoping the issue was temporary. Is it safe to keep the leaves with the spots?? I did have some early humidity issues as it was only 55% in the tent. I’ve since added a humidifier and the temp & humidifier are good.

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Is it possible you got some water on the leaves? That will cause sunburn spots. Hard to really tell. Next pics use natural light.


I don’t see anything to worry about. Looks like it could be lensing as @TEGRITY stated. Those starter leaves won’t last long anyway.

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I did get water on the leafs and assumed if it was a small amount that it would simply evaporate or roll off. I’ll be more careful in future waterings.

Better pics without the grow lights.

Yeah looks like water spot burns (lensing). Those starter leaves (single leaf) usually die off around the time the cots die anyway. I just let them fall off naturally.