Spots and tips of leaves

Wondering if anyone knows what this could be on leaves and tips, tangerine dream, 5 weeks old, fox farms happy frog, 50/50 pearlite, fox farms trio, currently using grow big and big bloom, at 25% of suggested dose, also 1 tsp cal mag for 3/4 gallon of water on non fertilizer days, only have a soil ph tester, between 7-8, also if possible, am I close to where I should stop using grow big and use big bloom and tiger bloom, Thanks for taking time to help me out a little


Plant looks fine so far. Some minor blemishes always happen.

Unless you are monitoring your input more closely while using supplements you will ultimately end up in trouble. The first thing is to ditch the soil probe: worthless. A good digital PH and TDS pen is really a necessary tool.


Ok, thanx

LIke Myfriendis410 said.

Go for the apera ph20.
And get a cheap tds meter. They’ll both come in handy.
But your plant is looking pretty good.