Spots and lines on leaves, droopy leaves, older leaves yellow, newer leaves green but yellow tips... help?

Am I being paranoid? Is everything okay? What can I do? If everything is okay except needing some water, should I be doing LST at this point? ( I think the answer to that last one is “yes” but would love some advice there too)

First grow, first plant, first time doing any of this stuff and have made many hilarious mistakes in the process. It’s too bad someone couldn’t film the hours upon hours of my work and condense it into a 30-minute comedy piece. I hope all my mistakes make me a great grower eventually!

White Widow, Mars Hydro TS1000 150W at about 20", temps 75-85 with 80 being the usual, humidity low, 35-50%, usually about 40%.

Thanks in advance! Sure will be nice when I can someday support new growers.

What are you feeding them?

Are there not bugs under the leaves?

Have you sprayed something on them?

Besides those markings they look great.

Thanks!! It’s funny how comforting validation can be. I guess I am a paranoid first-time grower.

Had a panic and searching under the leaves thoroughly, even used a magnifying glass. There were some little gnats or fruit flies at one point, but I think they were just the same ones I get every autumn (ugh, is it really autumn). They are tiny and come in through my window screens seeking bright light, so of course they’d zoom to the tent. So I think that’s what they were. Otherwise, I am going to keep searching under the leaves. I just dont’ get it.

No spray yet! I have gotten water on the leaves, but I try not to even do that.

It’s in Promix Ultimate, which supposedly has feed for 3 months. It’s organic, so stuff like worm castings, myco, kelp, guano… Other than that, I do use some black molasses, and I used some organic cal mag for the first time today. Maybe it was lack of calmag or a pH thing?

I’ve poured over pictures online and can’t find anything quite resembling. I also must say, my photos are bad and don’t show it very well. It’s much more apparent with the naked eye.

Thanks for listening to my ramble!

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Get some yellow sticky traps for the fungus gnats. They can explode in numbers quickly. The larvae will eat at the roots.

They love damp moist soils, so no overwatering, as well as other issues overwatering can create.

BTW, great idea for a time lapse of neurotic first time growers and our behaviors! :crazy_face:

I’ve learned a lot and trying to pass on as well. You will do the same in time. :call_me_hand:t3:

Continued success.

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Those spots on the leaves might be burn marks from water getting on them. Other than that they look good.