Spots and dropping help please

Hi guys and ladies im new on my 2nd run an i hqd this last year to im in lik my 5th week flower outdoor in five gal fab buckets my plants r lik 7 foot didnt want them that big but my run off ph at 6.6 and im jus learning ppm but it was and 400ppm dont think im gettin the runnoff good it mostly form sides i use fox farm nutes the 3 liq and the 3.powders but getting alot of yellowing most lower but im also seeing spots i think septora cannibis and more nitrogen i hav to water 2 times a day whem above 95 mabe im.washing noots out i hav to in five gal bucket and look great no spots or septora please help my last grow i thru away lik.2 pounds didnt get me high at all dont wanna hav this year

You mention runoff from the sides of the fabric pot. Try watering more slowly so that the plant is watered completely. If your soil is becoming hydrophobic (repelling water) try using some yucca root power mixed in water.

Best of all grows to you!


Thanks u so much ill give it a try i thought i wans jus washin the nutes right out if i read 1000ppm sound i only feed 1000 the ppm goin in is around 2000 so its eatin 1000 i asume so sorry to bother u and tha ks again we and my wife realy want tis run to work


Please never think you are bothering anyone here. We are a family and want to see you succeed!

I have that problem when watering also. I found a short water of each plant to get the top layer moist and then coming back later and watering again really helped get the water and nutrients to those bottom roots.

I have had a few plants where sometimes I would set the plant in a tub of water and let it suck up all it could.


Ok thanks ill try everything lol enjoy the rest off ur day


Reduces the hydrophobia of dry soil? Can you elaborate?

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Yucca is a natural wetting agent and surfactant. I contacted the knowledgeable staff of the company where I purchase my nutrients and that is the product they recommended.

Someday I will research more to provide a detailed scientific-based answer.

Best to you @Docnraq


And to you @JaneQP learn something new all the time up in here! Thanks for the tip.