Spots and clear areas on leaves

I raised the lights to 34in from the top of the plant. Just changed nutes Monday. The one plant that is bushy as hell still has this issue and they get the same trratment.

Do you think its a deficiency?

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I’ve seen it before. Even had a spot like it on one of my plants but can’t remember what the consensus was on cause? Do you have fans blowing on the plants?

I’m by no means a pro but I do know that after you add your nutes and water to the reservoir the ph will slowly climb as you feed and the nutrients are taken up by the plants. As we know when we take tap water and add nutrients the ph drops so it’s safe to assume as the nutrients are taken from the water it will climb. I adjust mine on the 3rd day and clean change the entire reservoir every 7th day.

There is a fan on them to keep them slightly moving.

Yea, the PH tries to climb like crazy the first few days. Im adjusting it every night. After day 4 seems to slow down. Then i change water and nutes on day 7.


The only thing i can find that it may be is lockout from the ph getting too high…

Still not sure of the cause. Week 5 update:

Was looking better but still the same and growth on this plant is stronger than the other. Maybe that is causing a deficiency? Leave growth is better, but look at the difference at the nodes…

Issue plant:

Healthier plant:

Personally I think that’s some kind of strange genetics. Maybe someone will come by and diagnose you with TMV. :wink: I had one plant that looked like that last year - a Cindy 99. I tried to clone it and restart it and the clone had the same issue.