Spots and clear areas on leaves


Posted in my journal “First grow - all advice welcome”, but putting this here incase someone can help. Here is my current status:

2 Week mark: Girls are growing fast. Changed the water, cleaned the buckets, and finally added nutes today. I think just in time. From the research I’ve done looks like one was showing early signs of Cal or Mag deficiency. Here is what added each bucket has 12 liters/3 gallons of water:

System: DWC bubblers
Strain: Tangarine Dream Autos
Going 25% strength to start.
8ml Cal Mag about 117PPMs
4ml AN Micro
4ml AN Grow
4ml AN Bloom
6ml AN B52
6ml AN Voodoo Juice
Ph to 6.5
PPMs one was 380 one was 400
Water temp 62F

In tent 75F
Out side temp 66F
RH 55-65
Exhale CO2 bag still going
Light about 28-29in 1000w LED

That was a few days ago. Today the spots are worse. New growth after adding nutes looks ok, (I think). Should I wait and see how the new leaves come out?

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Your pH is a little high for hydro. Should be 5.5 - 6.1ish.


Can I PH down it as is or should I just mix a new bucket of nutrients?


@elheffe702 yea, just checked my ph shot way up. Maybe I under fed them starting out at 1/4 strength? Mixing new water now. Plants are 2 weeks old from sprouted. Do I follow week 2 of the nutrition schedule or is it still a seedling?


Sorry for the long response. I’m not a hydro grower, so you’d better ask someone like @TDubWilly, @Bogleg, @DoobieNoobie or @Myfriendis410 with more hydro experience to be sure. That said, most manufacturers seem to recommend more than is necessary, maybe even too much for some finicky plants. You can probably do 1/2 strength and see how they respond. I wouldn’t take much from the previous feeding, since the pH was off, they might not have been taking in all they needed yet.


I don’t use AN nutes, so not sure if they have different PH requirements, but you are PHing to 6.5? Is that correct?

Your PPMs look right to me for the plants age, maybe a little higher than I would personally go… I pretty much keep them in the 250-300ppm range until they are in week 3 from germination, then I raise it up by 100ppm per week until the plant tells me it doesn’t like it.

Are you prepping your water before you add nutrients? I.e. leaving out overnight with an air stone running in it to gas off chlorine, etc? If you don’t do this, PH spikes after initially setting PH with your nutrient mix are common. It will generally still rise over the first couple of days, and once you’ve readjusted it back down, will settle in properly.


Calcium is taken up the best in the lower part of the hydro pH range so shoot for a pH of 5.5 - 5.8 and that should help your problem


I haven’t been letting the water sit since it’s been filtered. Seems like the water is only increasing in PH after the roots are in there for some time (extra water I mixed last night is still at 5.5). They look way perkier, but the edges curled a bit like they were to hot, but lights are far enough away. I guess I’ll watch it close and keep it around 5.5 and see. Is it ok if I take the plants out use ph down and mix super well, then just put them back or do I need to use a super low ph water and add it?


Here’s how they look today


That’s what I do. And like the others said 5.5 to about 6ph is the range I shoot for. They look like they’re in good shape except for the deficiency. Also what kind of filtered water? If it’s RO or distilled you might need to add a calmag supplement to you’re lineup. But getting the ph back inline it’ll probably be ok. The leaves that are already showing the deficiency won’t get better. You’re just keeping it from getting worse.


Looks like he has a lot of calmag already (8ml per gallon if I read his post right), so he should be fine there. I think those plants look fine in the last two pics judging by the new growth.


Ah I missed that. Good catch.

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So I did the calmag by the PPMs. It was 8ml for the 12 liters or 3 gallons. I spoke with the AN support line to get some clarification on the order I add the nutrients. He told me keep the calmag under 150ppms. Is that not enough?

Right now I’m probably more at 8ml per after last nights add.


I’ve never used AN nutes. I have been using General Hydroponics nutes and I use their calmag solution (CaliMagic). I also use tap water (60-70ppm). In any case, I never go above 5ml of CaliMagic per gallon of water in my grows. I’d need to check NPK and micronutrient labels to better understand the AN options.

In early to mid veg I only use 2.5ml per gallon of the CaliMagic.

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Awesome, thanks. I’m at about 2.5-3ml per gallon now. New growth is looking better.

Should I clip off the bad leaves so the plant is not wasting nutrients to them? And if so do I clip as close to the stalk as possible? There are new nodes starting there too.

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They’re still green enough that they’re still working so I’d leave them for now. But that’s just a preference.

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I agree with Doobie - I’d leave them be until they die off on their own for now… if they don’t and you are getting towards flower, ask again. :slight_smile:

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Sounds good, I’ll leave them. Thanks again!!!


3 weeks old changed water today. The one still showing some kind of deficiency is much bushier and growing leaves like crazy. The other is skinnier but nice and green now. Upped nutes this week PPM 820. PH at 5.5.

These are autos, should i be trimmimg the bottom leaves on the bushy one or just let them grow now? Anything else i should be doing to these at this point?

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I wouldn’t trim anything off an auto that isn’t dead. Not right now at least. They’re staying pretty short you might want to raise your light up a couple inches. A little stretching now wouldn’t hurt.

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