Spots along veins

I didn’t see any examples quite like this in the forum. I have 5 plants, and this is the only one with these spots. Growing outside in S. California with FoxFarm soil and nutes. I have Grow Big, Tiger bloom, and Bush Doctor Cal Mag. Always pH to 6.5. I switched to Tiger bloom this week. The top leaves look green without spots, but I’m still curious for what did this. I can attach more photos if needed. Many thanks!

Are there any maple trees above your grow ? That stuff is all over the maple on my yard

It could be bugs
Could be some kind of plant disease …

I really think it’s sap or honedew from bugs feeding dripping down

I mean On my maple not your plant sorry for that

Do you have a loupe ? To take a really close look at it ?

Do you not use the big bloom ? That’s the better of the trio if you ask me …

Also how often you feeding cal mag ?

Thanks, Lacewing! Ooh, I do have big bloom. I’ve been using “Grow” until they flower, then Tiger bloom. I can use Big bloom instead. I don’t have a real schedule for cal mag, but I put it in when I use the other nutes- perhaps not every time. I have a microscope- I didn’t think there would be anything to see on these (I thought it was over-or-under feeding something). I’ll get a leaf and see if I can find anything. No maples. My flowering plant had bud worms. Those are the worst! Right when you’re almost done.

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I like to refer to this picture a lot when finding issues in my tent

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Thanks Big Cat 420! I didn’t see anything that really fit. I tried to research and match the pattern before I posted. The spots start on green leaves which later turn yellow- not loss of color first. (??) The plant is really doing fairly well, but I wanted to adjust what it needed, if possible.

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Big bloom can be used in all phases

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Last flower run this was an issue I ran into that we diagnosed as cal mag Deficiency. Idk if this helps you any. Being late in flower I didn’t really see it go away but I upped my cal mag solution to 25 ml per 5 gal reservoir and I was at half strength silica

Thanks! I will increase the cal mag and see if it helps. I may have corrected already since the top leaves are pretty healthy looking. I’m not really sure how to set up correct nutrition- They’re in soil in fabric pots- I probably put nutes in about every 3rd watering. Appreciate your responses!! Cheers.


I’m still having this spot problem and now on my best plant. I thought it might be manganese? The spots come before the yellowing. I went to buy FF manganese, but the man at the nursery didn’t think it looked like deficiency. I tried increasing cal/mag and did a distilled water/Epsom salt flush. Growing in soil outside.