Sponsors Create Traction

With as much as we all sit here and promote products you’d think some of these companies would reach out to ilgm to atleast extend the olive branch for give a ways or something…


  • horticulture light group
  • spider farm lighting
  • Samsung

Nutes and soils

  • fox farm
  • general hydroponic
  • jack peters? For jacks321
  • Advanced Nutrients

I mean if you google their products ilgm forum pops up…atleast for me

How can we get some sponsors rolling through here and create more flow for the site we all know and love! I dunno know about everyone else but I’m surprised how many other sites have this but ilgm does not…

Is there any reason I’m not recognizing? Or are the sponsors failing to recognize the benefits of supporting their loyal customers?

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Ok I’m not gonna lie, I just want a free spider farm light so I don’t have to buy one to tear it apart and figure out how/ if we can make it better for other users :wink:


Often wondered why sellers haven’t found a way to present special offers that would increase customer base.

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You’d think it’d be easy to contact support or the managing staff by email to be able to do this.

I see other forums doing this and wonder why ilgm hasn’t gotten on board?

Not only does it provide traffic in the forum it also creates more traffic for the online shop

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This is more a question for the Admin: @latewood would be able to answer best.